Friday, January 04, 2013

Harry and Jack's bigger boy room

For the billionth time, I totally cheaped out on Pottery Barn Kids.  I love their super hero stuff and had an online shopping cart full of Batman and Spiderman bedding and wall decals and didn't buy it.  I even saved a coupon from the latest catalog and planned to go there after IKEA and buy the stuff in person-- because I also wanted to check out lamps for the baby-- but then I saw a wall of $20 duvet covers and I thought of how much snot Harry and Jack get on their bedding, and the rest is history.

Not sure why it looks so dark in some shots, but here's their new room:

It was Ben's idea to replace their Lego table chairs with IKEA stool, and I love it-- way lower profile.
Those pictures are also an IKEA find-- I thought they were so cool
These letters are back on the wall because they are paper, so if they fall off and boink Harry on the head, he won't get hurt-- everything else seemed too heavy.
Found these super awesome vintage posters at a comic book store by the mall.
And Ben said the IKEA lamps were really hard to put together.  I looked at the 5 pages of instructions and quietly put them back in the box...
Harry and Jack made their own beds today without prompting.
I love all the stuffed animals-- reminds me that they are still little.
So does their sweet little train table that they still play with everyday and their toy box (ignore that locked cabinet.  It's the awkwardly placed electrical panel for our entire house).
This is the first room to be totally done.  Cooper's room and the baby's room still need all of the art on the walls, but stay tuned-- Ben's going to knock it out tomorrow morning.


  1. I love it! Super cute!

  2. Anonymous12:21 AM

    OMG, I love the Ikea poster finds. Did you see if they had "ZOT!" ? That was my personal favorite from the old batman with Adam West.

  3. I was DEAD SET on getting this adorable owl pottery barn comforter that cost an arm and a leg and Eugene talked me out of it. Snot, pee and a ridiculous price tag overuled our decision too. Their room looks adorable. You should consider getting an inexpensive canvas, attaching hinges to one side and putting it over the electrical cabinet--a fun art piece would look really cute there too!

  4. Looks awesome!! So roomy and bright!

    We have comforters from PBK, but I got them on Craigslist! They were pristine when we got them but now are...not. Glad I only spent $40!

  5. So great!! I'm trying to come to terms w/ the price of the Pottery Barn Kids bedding bc Ethan is in love w/ the Star Wars stuff, but so far I just can't bring myself to do it.