Friday, January 25, 2013

This week

A whole week almost!

I've been busy, though.

I had my first class on Thursday, and I read 3 more books, putting me up to 12 this month.  The big kids only had 3.5 days of school this week, and I had 2 solo nights while Ben finished up his adjunct classes-- only 1 more left!

Hockey was an epic fail.  We were so late that Jack only had 20 minutes to skate-- more like 35 for Harry, but Jack freaked out while I was trying to cram on his skates.  Next week, I am putting them on at home, and they can walk in on the damn blade covers.

It's single-digit cold here, too, which make everything a little bit terrible, especially after dark.  It's also snowy, and there's salt EVERYWHERE, meaning everything has a little grime-- shoes, floors, backpacks, coats, pacifiers.

 No school on MLK day, but I had a little work to do.  Harry and I went out for breakfast at a coffee shop at the crack of 7 and worked happily until 9.  I got my stuff done, and he read, colored, worked on math, cut out shapes, wrote in his notebook, and NEVER ONCE STOPPED TALKING.

 We came home to find the rest of the house still in jammies, and Harry and Cooper got to work on a Star Wars coloring book.

 Monday evening, we had a sitter for Cooper, so we could take Harry and Jack to Show Week for their Little Gym karate class.

 And after, we went out for a nicer than usual because we didn't have the monkey-like, high chair eschewing toddler dinner and pie at our favorite diner at the counter where we never get to sit because of the monkey.  Jack ate my pie and his carrot cake.  With no utensils.  It was so cold that we left the car running in front of the restaurant while we ran in for pie.  Classy and environmentally conscious.
 Cooper likes sunglasses.
 On Wednesday, my brother went with me to Cooper's Little Gym show.  He was very serious about waiting for and receiving his ribbon.

Today, I could not stop thinking about TJ's organic toaster pastries, so we bought some, and it turns out Cooper likes them too.  MOTY.

 How precious is this hat from Jamie's Etsy shop??


  1. That hat's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

    We moved from Portland (hippy, environment crazy mecca) to Minnesota. That winter I was seriously tempted to leave my car running the whole time I was at work some days.

  2. just when I think I have broken free of the cult 'o Little Gym, you post pictures and something triggers in my brain and I feel the need to re-up.