Monday, January 14, 2013


This week is one of two weeks a year when Ben and I both work at the same time.  I know-- how awesome are our schedules??  The only problem is, when you are not used to needing any sort of childcare and handling 2 jobs with almost no juggling, overlapping work days (1.5 of them!) can seem like a huge PITA.

 Luckily, I am keeping it in perspective as I sit here on the couch in my sparkling clean living room-- I just spent almost 2.5 hours cleaning the kitchen-- appliances, teapot, inside of the oven, floor, cooktop-- it was super relaxing (I mean it-- I really like cleaning the kitchen).  And now, I am enjoying a surprise chocolate malt that Ben brought home from his trip to the Genius Bar (have to walk to through the food court to get to/from the Apple store) and watching my fingers swell from our salty but delicious chicken enchiladas, made with rotisserie chicken and more cheese than was probably necessary.

Cooper is quite the bath tub splasher these days.  Since yesterday, actually.
Jack and Cooper dressed alike today.
Also! Speaking of dressing! It will be nice to get dressed and leave my house for a destination other than the grocery store.  Unfortunately, I am running out of work appropriate clothing options.  Any clothing options, really.  The grocery store, in my super long North Face coat, giant sunglasses, and knee-high boots, is where I look the best. When I have to uncover half my face and take off the coat, things get lumpy.  Thank goodness I only have to go to campus twice a week.  Surely I can scrounge together 2 decent combos a week for 9 weeks.  Maybe I can challenge myself to no repeats!


  1. Now I want some enchiladas. And a milkshake. And a clean house. Sounds like a freaking awesome evening to me.

  2. I need you to start a "cleaning" series of blog posts bc even with the best of intentions and daily cleaning, I never feel like it quite get it right.

    And I would totally want a milkshake right now if I hadn't just eaten 1/2 a pint of Ben & Jerry's 30 minutes ago. um. oops.

  3. I agree, your evening sounds absolutely lovely!
    9 weeks with no repeats?! You're a rockstar. I'm currently on a three-pant rotation at work.