Thursday, January 03, 2013

No more shopping for me

We had a lovely little New Year's Eve.

Ben made a lovely spread of appetizers, and we rented the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie
Harry and Jack loved it.
Especially when we whipped out the confetti guns
And the streamers.
I am still vacuuming up confetti.
They both crashed around 9.  Ben and I were in bed before midnight.
Cooper slept great and didin't realize he'd missed a celebration.
Today, we went to IKEA, where the kids were angels, and we got a ridiculous amount of stuff in the van.
And had ice cream while Ben was loading it like a Tetris puzzle.
Cooper's all "Where's my ice cream?" and then he realized it was gone and lost his shit big time.
Harry was the first one done, even though he doesn't really like vanilla.
Pretty sure Cooper's shoes are on backwards, and there's definitely an applesauce massacre on his lap.
We are officially done buying stuff for 3 bedrooms.  I, in fact, am officially done buying anything for awhile-- that's how much stuff I have bought.  The thought of buying anything else makes me want to puke.  I have been intending to buy new boots all break, but I don't even want to shop for them or buy them.  TOO MUCH STUFF.  Crib!  Book shelves!  Dressers!  Nightstands!  Accessories!  Bedding!

But, oh, you guys, the rooms are adorable!  Baby girl stuff! (Well, not really baby except for the crib, but girl stuff!)  Crazy adorable bright colored big boy stuff for the big boys in a new room that is plenty big for their train table, their Lego table, and a toy box.  Cooper's room might be my favorite-- it is so bright and cheerful with a theme that can only be described as "Target." He has inherited all the old decor from H and J's room here and at our condo.  If Circo mass produced it on a canvas, lampshade, pillow, or sheet, it's in Cooper's room, along with a surprising amount of toys.  We also got more toy storage shelves for the toy room, which has freed up a lot of space in the family room, and there's an empty toy box and shelving unit in the baby's room, meaning BRING ON THE AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS and the pink retro PBK kitchen and Barbie's dream house. 

Someday you know, when I can stomach the thought of buying stuff again.


  1. OMG. I SO feel you on the no more shopping! Except mine's all been stupid shit like $75 at Bath and Body Works soap and room scents.

    We definitely need pictures of the kids' rooms! In particular, I need to see what "Target" theme looks like :)

  2. Need pictures of the adorableness!!