Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day

I have been so busy finishing the semester, making plans for snowmaggedon, and eating eating eating round the clock that I have neglected to share the bajillion pictures of fun winter events I've taken lately.

But never fear!  The last batch of dough of the season (maybe) is in the fridge, as are 3 containers of freshly mixed butter cream frosting (green! red! white!) ready for tomorrow's snow day baking fiesta--our second snow day in a row, by the way.  My grades are all submitted.  The final exam for the course I direct was cancelled (that NEVER happens), and it is thundersnowing outside.  Ben and I are mindlessly flipping between MSNBC, the Game Show Network, and our DVR'd White House Christmas.  What I am saying is I have plenty of time to blog. 

 We went to the Snow Days celebration at Harry's school, and Jack was sure to bring a camera so he could take pictures.  ADORABLE.
This was about as good of a shot as I could get even though Harry was in the front because I had to stand in the back with my stroller of whiny baby. And I forgot my camera and only had my phone. MOTY.
But I did get the elf next to his elf.
Ben had a class, and the school thing was really chaotic.  I only had 2 of the kids (NOT THE SAME 2) with me at one time.  But we came home for Hanukkah night 6-- Animal PLanet dinosaur sets for all-- only a little fighting.
Hanukkah night 7-- Blackhawks jerseys for the big boys.  A shape-sorting turtle for Cooper-- he likes sorting shapes, by the way, and I like that he does not get frustrated by guessing incorrectly-- it's pretty cute.
Cooper is a big fan of pretending to be a real person.  He;s neater with a spoon than Harry or Jack.
Hanukkah night 8.  Jack was dying to see what was in the big box.
Harry was happy with his Power Rangers weapons.
Jack liked the crane.
Cooper really got the hang of unwrapping
And he always digs Elmo

We took a quick trip to the Chicago suburbs to celebrate Ben's grandma's 85th birthday.  Cooper showed off his fork skills.

Ben posed with his cousins.
The next morning, the boys were surprised with a package from Mrs. Claus postmarked from North Pole Alaska, thanks to our friend and a fellow Bradley speech alum who was there on business and thought of our kids-- how awesome is that?
Jack took this shot of me-- ha!
And this one of Ben and Cooper.
My parents surprised us with the Christmas dishes I have been coveting for Chrismukkah (I love how much our tree looks like this tree). And now I am totally collecting Christmas Tree Spode-- I have my eye on the cookie jar...
Made a million gingerbread boys and girls for Harry and Jack to take to school (and for us to eat)-- they looked pretty weird, but OMG they tasted amazing.  I say tasted because even though I made them on Tuesday, they are basically gone (maybe 2 left).
So far today, we've gotten 18 inches of snow and are supposed to get more.  Of course the kids were happy to play outside
And we went through the arduous process of getting everyone outside.
They helpfully shoveled out Ben's car.
Cooper didn't get dressed all day-- he seemed fine with it
Enjoyed a snack in a new location.
So much snow.


  1. The snow pictures I've been seeing from up there are amazing! I'm so jealous school is right across the street for you guys. So convenient!

  2. Oh how I miss the snow!!!! Snow days are so awesome!