Friday, December 28, 2012

Notes from break

 Jack came with me to the OB yesterday because he wanted to hear the baby's heartbeat.  He was impressed with the waiting room reading material.  Which is good because when we walked in, the first thing we saw was a giant whiteboard telling me my doctor was running 20 minutes behind. 

We found out that I gained 7 pounds in the last 6 weeks (!) for a grand total of 17 pounds in 28 weeks, which would be totally fine and normal and puts me on track to gain the 30 pounds I always do EXCEPT I started this pregnancy 10 pounds heavier than normal, and I really only wanted to gain 20.  But, alas.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  You know.

Speaking of weight gain, Panera has grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Jack and I approve (he only eats a strawberry smoothie, chicken noodle soup, a baguette, a bagel, and a random bakery item at Panera with NO DEVIATION but he approves of how much I like the grilled cheese and tomato soup because that means MOAR PANERA)
 This kitchen was Santa's greatest hit of the season FOR SURE.  He also enjoys the cart and loves to ram it at full speed into the kitchen cabinets and/or our shins and calves.  SO FUN.  He also mimics the way we use the kitchen and shoves his cabinets full of random crap until they burst open.

The only problem with the kitchen is we don't have a space for it besides the middle of the main room.  We are hoping to put it in his new big boy room (along with a train table and a giant fire station), but that entails, you know, finishing his big boy room, which is a process.
 One of these things is not like the other:
 Room shuffle progress! We have cleaned out the guest room closet and the storage room and relocated the TV (adding a cable connection and wasting a whole day waiting on the cable guy to come do it) and elliptical.  We also went to a furniture store last night and bought a dresser and a nightstand for Cooper and a dresser and a nightstand for the baby.  We have big plans to head to IKEA and Pottery Barn Kids next week, but first, we have to dismantle the guest room bed and desk and well as Cooper's dresser and get them all out of the house.  We also have to dismantle and move the big boys' entire room.  I say we, but I mean Ben.
 Harry has been hard at work on his Geo Trax.
 Cooper hates the snow.
 Harry made a Sponge Bob out of a sponge and some bendy straws.
 He is kind of a wimp about pulling out loose teeth.  Hes been walking around with this one twisted sideways for hours, and he just can't quite bring himself to yank it out.
 I was delighted to find 19 bottles of OPI nail polish in my stocking, and Harry and Jack both demanded a pedicure when I was doing my own today.  Harry's are gold with gold sparkles.  Jack's are red with gold sparkles, and I went with mint green with gold sparkles.
Ben and I are counting down the minutes until the last kid is in bed, so we can resume our new Downton Abbey addiction.  We both thought the first episode was kind of boring, but by the second one, we were fully hooked.  Also, Apple TV is like magic.


  1. Between your Panera and 19 bottles of new nail polish it sounds like an awesome break! I totally feel you on the weight gain front (except that I'm on my way to my standard 60). Last time I went in, the doctor suggested that maybe they should recalibrate their scale, since "there's no way you gained that much" (!)
    Have fun with the room shuffle! It'll be fun to start the year with everyone in fresh digs.

  2. I want to move everyone around only for the purge aspect of it. And now I want to go to Panera.

  3. 19 bottles of OPI?!!!! ::swoon::