Wednesday, December 26, 2012


This is Toofy's best work of the season, wouldn't you say?

We attended a lovely Santa breakfast on the 22nd-- at a local coffee shop, with waffles, face painting, and, of course, Santa.
Harry was her first customer, and he insisted we get a business card for his birthday party needs.

Jack wanted to be Rudolph.  He was not messing around.

Cooper was cool with everything once we gave him unlimited whipped cream and a fork.

After breakfast, we hopped in the car and went straight to my parents' house.
How can you not take this guy seriously?

Especially when he's balanced on a bowling ball covered in marbles.
Cooper pretty much lost it during presents, but he had some pizza and rebounded until a very, very, very early bedtime.  The rest of us had an awesome time!  (Jack got a Taylor Swift poster, just a day after telling me in Target that he wanted to sit in the front row at her concert so he could touch her legs and maybe put her in a bag to take home with him.  Um.)
He cried for awhile.

Not your imagination.  Jon is wearing footie pajamas. So's Cooper. 
We spent Christmas Eve at home, and it was really low key.  New PJ's and Arthur Christmas from Toofy, reading Night Before Christmas, cookies and snacks for Santa and the reindeer.  The cute kids' service at the Unitarian church we like was smack in the middle of nap, so we passed on that, and our favorite pizza place was closed, so we headed to our favorite local sports bar instead-- really fun and a Christmas Eve tradition we;d love to keep for the next 30 years.  We saw lots of families with grown up kids getting sloshed on craft beer.  Looked fun.

Kids decorated the sugar cookies, but the creepy ginger was all me

Santa had his shit together this year, and we were tucked in bed before 10, which was good because we had a pre-6 am wake up call and a full, full day.  Here are the highlights:

Today, we spent the whole day-- seriously, just finished at 10:35 pm-- cleaning out our storage room and the guest room closet and purging a few toys.  Tomorrow, the cable guy comes to put an outlet in storage, so we can move our elliptical there.  Then, we're headed dresser shopping.  AND we're on our way to IKEA in a few days for a new crib and more shelves.  The great room shuffle is underway!

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  1. Looks cozy and nice!

    I totally dropped the ball on new jammies this year. I love that tradition!