Monday, December 17, 2012

Aggressivley Mundane

I know it's almost break, and we will all be together in a big lazy pile of lazy, but this day!  zOMG.

Woke up at 5 to grade for the online class I teach on the side.

Went to campus at 7 and stayed until 11:10, which was 10 minutes later than I should have stayed, to grade final papers and take-home exams and write rec letters and save a bunch of files on a jump drive so I can work from home when we get snowed in later this week. (And now that I have prepared and rescheduled a meeting, we will get ZERO SNOW INCHES)

Spelled Ben so he could go for his annual physical and took Cooper and Jack to the bank, Fannie May, and Target for teacher gifts, including the class one I am organizing.

Put Cooper down for a nap and cleaned up lunch while Ben folded laundry

At 2:07, Ben realized I needed to bring a snack to share for Harry's after school Spanish club party and he put together a fantastic fruit tray in 10 minutes.

2:30, went to Spanish club for 35 minutes.  It was adorbs.  Found out from a friend that the teacher appreciation cookie exchange needs volunteers.  For tomorrow morning.  Volunteered.

Came home at 3 to frantically email TAs to reschedule exam meeting for before the blizzard.  Made a spreadsheet to record their answers to my frantic email.

Took H and J to the grocery store to get cookie supplies on the way to karate

Arrived at karate with 2 seconds to spare, which gave me PLENTY OF TIME to figure out how to spell their teacher's name so we could give her her holiday gift.

Spent the last 40 minutes filling in my spreadsheet and sending emails while cheering on the kids.  On my way to pick up pizza after karate.

Will clean up dinner, put away laundry, put children to bed, and bake 4 dozen cookies after I work out tonight.

Did I mention this all started at 5???

(OMG-- the moms behind me at LG are talking about how their toddlers have been puking, and one of them JUST COUGHED ALL OVER ME)
This could be me-- collapsed in tears with my Swiffer at the end of a long day.


  1. Just reading this made me tired! I hope for your sake that you get snowed in and can get at least a little respite.

  2. that's just too much. The last picture is killing me. :-)