Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Over Scheduled

We have officially over scheduled the snowflakes.

Not Cooper-- he just has baby class at Little Gym once a week-- not too taxing.

But Harry has a hell of a Monday-- Spanish club, karate, gymnastics/soccer practice (the are actually AT THE SAME TIME, but soccer also practices another day a week, so we're good there).  Then on Saturday, he has soccer games. Basketball and swimming start soon as well, as does Lego club at  school.  Phew!

Jack has karate and hockey (hockey!  it's so damn cute!) but will soon be adding swimming and gymnastics.

That's a lot of activities.  I feel like Coop is an underachiever with his lowly one class.  I gotta find kindermusic STAT.

Last night, we had Open House at Harry and Jack's school, and Ben got to kick off his reign as PTO VP by hosting an ice cream social for the whole damn school.  It was SO! MUCH! FUN!  We had a sitter for Cooper, so Harry, Jack, and I all got to stand behind the counter and serve ice cream.  Harry ate 2 cups of ice cream and spent the rest of the night with the jitters talking loudly and quickly to everyone who approached his window, and Jack called all the people his customers.  They were pretty cute.

Except for their atrocious hair cuts-- but they have appointments with my stylist at the end of the month to get groomed for the holiday season and our family pictures in November, so we're waiting it out.  It's going to be a scraggly month.

Harry showing off his intense pastels creation in the art studio

Jack likes being Jack J so much he has requested that we call him that at home

Jack J's locker

Harry's seedling and his Johnny Appleseed

This is hilarious!  "Whenever my mom has a baby we go to the hosibl."  Makes it sound like I have babies all the time (which, fair enough), and he says hospital exactly like he spells it.  Hos-i-bull.  I love it!

This creeped me right out when I opened Harry's locker-- it was a Johnny Appleseed that he messed up and meant to bring home.  Creepy.
Ben and I finished the night by overscheduling ourselves.  You name a volunteer opportunity, and we signed up for it.  Room parent?  Check.  Art appreciation volunteer?  Check.  In-class helper?  Check-- you get the idea.


  1. That is a LOT of activities! So fun! We put a semester-long moratorium on signing up for things this fall because of the kindergartener transition and I'm so glad we did because Charlie has to go to bed BY seven every night or he is a total disaster. The only thing we kept is children's choir, which starts at 6:15 and even that is killing all of us. Hats off to you and your well-rounded children! LOVE that Jack J gets to go to big school!

  2. LOL at Jack J, frequent baby-having, and the super creepy Johnny appleseed. Clearly your hyperscheduled kids are thriving!

  3. Tripod1:44 PM

    Call me Jack J. That cracked me up!