Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Review

Ben and Harry and Jack and I went to the boys' school on Friday night for PTO event that Ben planned and organized. The kids were allowed to wear costumes, provided they had no masks and were not scary. This totally screwed with Harry's trick-or-treat scary/masked costume, so we quickly ordered another clown suit.

Here's a full body shot so you can see their silly shoes. They were a big hit, and all night long, people kept asking me if I made the costumes. At first I said no I got them on Amazon, but people seemed judgy (the school principal has time to make her kids' costumes, after all), so I started saying Ben made them, and what do you know, people were even judgier (what is wrong with that WORKING MOM whose husband volunteers at school? Is she actually a man, do you think?)
Saturday morning, I asked Harry and Jack to strip their beds, and they even took off the mattress pads.  Oops-- next time I will be more specific. I love how Cooper is one of the kids here, just playing in his silly jammies.
Ben and jack went to Jack's first Badger game on Saturday, meaning Harry and Cooper and I went to hockey.  It was my first time getting all of the equipment on a kid by myself, and a really nice man helped with the skates.  It was pretty easy, except for the screaming baby in the stroller next to me.

Cooper is a little tyrant.  He is perfectly lovely and pleasant and adorable as long as we are doing exactly what he wants to do (which is wander around the house barefoot with shit in his pants playing with whatever strikes his fancy, whether it be dirty knives with raw pork germs n the dishwasher, outlet covers, tiny Legos, or my iPad).  If we ask him to do something that is convenient for us (get his pants changed, ride in a shopping cart, sit in his stroller, be carried anywhere) he screams.  It's special.  On Saturday during his first nap, I baked chocolate chip cookies solely because I wanted to bribe him into his stroller at hockey so I could help Harry take his equipment off.  He will stroll for homemade organic cookies.   (And I am trying to make the PERFECT COOKIE.  I think there is no such thing.  My perfect cookie has oatmeal and cinnamon and 2 bags of chocolate chips and is a little bit crunchy.  Ben and Harry prefer super gooey, white flour, double chips themselves.  Jack and Cooper will eat anything that comes out of the oven.)

This morning, snaggle tooth ate a plum very happily at breakfast.  We also played peekaboo with a dish towel for almost half an hour and then took that towel with us to his room to change his diaper.  I turned around to grab a diaper out of the closet and bam!  The dish towel was in the pee-filled toilet across the hall.  My god I wish the big boys would either flush or close the lid. Mostly close the lid because Cooper will throw anything into any toilet any chance he gets.
His new favorite thing is to sit on furniture like he's people-- chairs, beds, couches, whatever. He just sits there and laughs-- it's pretty cute.  He also loves to dust and needs his own Swiffer every week.  Whatever.
Today, we decided to carve our 6 pumpkins.  We had 5 and then Jack brought home another from his pumpkin patch field trip and said it was for the baby in my tummy.  At first I was all, hey don't confer personhood on my fetus, but then I just thought, ahh, you're so cute.

Harry and I wanted our pumpkins sprayed black, and Ben was happy to oblige early this morning.
During Coop's second nap, we set up camp in the front yard and got carving!

In this picture, my pumpkin sort of looks like it says Boo, but in reality it says Boob because I messed up and then tried to make the B's into ears and added a mouth-- a disappointment to be sure.
This is out of order, but it's Harry on the kitchen counter getting the crazy hair day spray washed out of his hair.  He loved this, by the way, said it was relaxing, and asked if I would always wash his hair that way.
Cooper found these too-small New Balances on Saturday morning and insisted upon wearing them with his jammies
And after lunch, he helped me clean up.  Such a helper, that one.


  1. I can't wait to do our pumpkins! It's so stupid hot here we have to wait until pretty much the day of or you have a stinking pile of mush on your porch by the 31st.

    Cooper is looking really grown up! It's amazing how that happens all of the sudden. James is just coming out of the "my way or screamfest" stage. It was/is so charming.

    Also, I think I'm going to skip costume-making this year. No shame!

  2. I totally skipped costume making this year. I think it's what the cool mom's are doing now? Even better? Syd refuses to wear the Angelina Ballerina costume I put together and is insisting on wearing the $2 used princess dress she bonded with at the thrift store.

    I used to LOVE getting my hair washed in the sink! And I love the "Boob" pumpkin. Totally cracked me up!

  3. Julie7:27 PM

    Love the costumes! They are adorable. You should use them for your holiday cards!!!!