Friday, October 19, 2012

The Fresh Beat Band! zOMG!

Last night was the big night-- the one the kids have been waiting for since June when we bought the VIP Party Package to see the Fresh Beat Band in concert.

Look!  There we are with Shout! Marina! Kiki! and Twist!
We have been watching the Fresh Beats since their pilot episode when they were called the Jump Arounds and their first season when there was a different much older Marina, so you can imagine our excitement about seeing them for realz.  From the 4th row of the orchestra pit. (Harry later demanded to know why we didn't have a box.  His friend from school, who was in the second row, asked why she wasn't in the very front.  Kids these days.)

(also, do you like my scarf?  My friend Jamie made it, and I love it and it smells like cloves.  You should buy one of her beautiful scarves or other knits at her Etsy shop Jamie Sierra Knits)

We started our night where we ended it:  At Potbelly.  (Seriously, we returned after the show for a second round of Oreo shakes for the kids because we planned to hit Jamba Juice for a post-show treat, but it was closed.  Trust me when I tell you the return trip was necessary). Because we didn't have the baby with us, we could sit on the tall chairs and watch all the students and hipsters walk by the window. (Jack insisted on wearing a tie-- he was beyond excited).
As soon as we got to the theater, we got necklaces and wristbands for the post-show party.  I was so glad Harry and Jack got some merch (and posters!  that the Fresh Beats did not sign even though we were promised autographs.  Apparently, they got to the theater and said no autographs, which made me laugh to myself for a few minutes about their other demands.  Twist seems kind of freaky-- I bet his dressing room requests extend beyond only blue M&Ms) because I was determined to NOT BUY A DAMN THING at the show.  Not even a rock star jacket, much to Harry's chagrin.  Not even a glow stick, much to their combined shock and horror.

Jack was blown away.  Like could not believe how awesome it was that we were mere feet away from the Beats (as their back up dancers called them at the after party).  He screamed like a girl meeting the Beatles.  It was so adorable I cried a little.
Harry did his best McKayla Maroney impression.
Losing his damn mind.
Still not impressed.
At intermission.  Where I made them get drinks from the drinking fountain instead of schlepping all the way into the lobby for $10 water.  (This would have been totally different were I not pregnant because they had martinis).

Jack at the after party on the dance floor.  The Fresh Beats' back up dancers came to the party before the principles and taught all the kids a Fresh Beat dance.

Jack also loved  playing with the inflatable instruments.  Harry was still way too cool-- he decorated a foam star and reproachfully drank 3 complimentary water bottles and stayed by the pretzel table.

Cooper clearly had a great time hanging out with Ben, who selflessly volunteered to stay home with the baby way back when we bought the tickets, even though I assured him we could get a sitter.  He's such a giver.
Harry and Jack stayed up way too late last night and were crabby as hell this morning.  But Harry rallied because it was crazy hair day!  You can''t see it in this picture, but the other side of his head is electric blue. Tonight, we are going to press our luck with another late night because we have a PTO-sponsored Halloween party at school.  I predict costumes, popcorn, gatorade, and tantrums.  SO FUN.


  1. Ah! I love that the scarf I made is in the picture with the Fresh Beats! I have to go share this with people. :) You look adorable in the scarf!!!

  2. Your outfit at the concert is SO perfect. Adorable. And I love the scarf!

    I took Charlie to a concert once and he was so serious the whole time I thought he wasn't having any fun. I finally said "Are you having fun?" and he said "MOM, I am just listening to the music, OK?" OK!

    Love crazy hair day!

  3. Anonymous1:01 PM

    There is a jamba juice in Madison?!

  4. Your scarf and kids are adorbs. I love Jack's raging enthusiasm.