Saturday, October 06, 2012

So! Many! Pictures!

I got another new phone that is not an iPhone 5 on Thursday because the wind blew my dress over my head on my way from my office to the parking garage, and in my rush to cover myself, I dropped it on the ground and it shattered into a million pieces.  I had Apple Care, so it wasn't a huge deal-- but it's never fun to take Cooper anywhere in his stroller that he he despises.  I got a huge dorky phone case, so hopefully (?) this will be my last phone shattering experience (the previous one happened on August 15).

We've had an otherwise lovely week.  Want to see it?  Here it goes.

Harry's teacher sends home a weekly newsletter, and this week, she talked about doing math at home, telling us that the class is working on visual representations to "how many" or "how many more" questions.  To work on this skill at home, she suggested we take a nature walk, collect leaves, and graph them.  The she said, "But I am sure you are already doing things like that everyday."  Um?  No.  Never, really.  BUT WE TOTALLY DID.

I love the way he spells and talks.  Leeth Grath.

Cooper helped me unload the dishwasher.

Harry and jack wanted to make their own dinner.  I said go for it.

Cooper climbed in to help, abandoning the shoes he'd been dragging all over to walk around with a piece of bread that fell out of the wrapper while my little sandwich artists were hard at work.


The Potbelly craving has returned.  Cooper and Jack are always willing lunch dates.

I had to wake him up from his nap, and he was still pacified, warm, and primate-like.

At the freezing pumpkin farm today, they joined some scarecrows.

Ben had a Field of Dreams moment

This was totally going to be MY PERFECT PUMPKIN, but when I ran to it to take this picture, I noticed the back was flat and moldy.

Don't let Cooper fool you, this is MY NEW PERFECT PUMPKIN.  I am going to paint it black (saw it in Family Circle-- so cool), so the green streaks are okay with me-- it has the best stem ever!

Jack fell in love with this 70-pounder, so the little pumpkin heads helped Ben load it into the wagon

Aren't they helpful?

Downed by a vine-- he didn't mind at all, but he got FILTHY.

Jack kissed this pumpkin and called it a dream come true

Cooper was seriously bothered that he could not pull the wagon.  Jack began to contemplate how many pumpkin seeds he has to scrape out of that sucker.

Me and the pumpkin heads and our five awesome pumpkin (128 pounds of awesome pumpkins)

Next year, we will have enough family members to fill every window of this bus, but this year, only Jack was a good sport.

The three amigos
 Oh yeah!  We finally decorated our bedroom, which has been totally bare since we moved in last June, 16 months ago!  Over winter break, we are making over 3 kid rooms, so we knew it was now or never for our sad, empty bedroom.  Thanks to a quick trip to Pottery barn for bedding, Pier One for art, our front hallway for some shelves, our storage room for a second night stand, and our guest room for a bookshelf, our room finally has a little color.  I'd like to say that we spent the last 16 months cultivating pin boards and finding special treasures that truly represented our lives, but we went to a couple of stores and bought whatever we could grab before Cooper started screaming after I searched "bedroom" on Pinterest over morning coffee.  Magical and special.
Bed and new old night stand and finally!  a picture!  Also, when I opened this night stand in storage, I found a bag of pumpkin carving tools-- kismet.

Purloined shelves and more! pictures!

Stolen book self that we have nothing on because Cooper will DESTROY it

Cute little owl picture (that I have since moved to the wall beside the dresser)

Dresser with less crap on it and a picture that I swapped with the owls

It's so nice to walk in this room and see something besides bare.  Ben is right now hanging a new picture in our newly empty hallway.  I'd take a picture, but instead, I think I will relax in the post-kid-bedtime quiet and enjoy my new, more grown-up space.  And scope Family Circle for more pumpkin decorating ideas. BECAUSE I AM SO COOL.


  1. Sweet Molasses Sarah What was the cost of Jack's pumpkin? They charge per pound over here! Also, your bedroom looks great!

  2. Your new bedroom is gorgeous! I love the art on the walls, and the shelves look great. I'm so jealous. We're still working on "our bedroom is not a dumping ground for all the unsightly crap." And failing, as it currently houses multiple mountains of laundry. Someday...
    The pumpkin hats are awesome! Please say that you have another for #4 next year.

  3. Julie9:41 AM

    Your kids never cease to crack me up! Love the pumpkin farm pictures, especially Jack's pumpkin. Also, love the hockey pictures on FB, too. I remember those days-the equipment weighs more than they do! Hope you're feeling well and can't wait until you add another player (or ball girl) to your team!

  4. The pumpkin hats! I love the pumpkin hats! We are going to the pumpkin patch (not farm because we live on the surface of the sun) tomorrow afternoon and I cannot wait. So glad it will be cool (in the 60s) by our standards!

    Bedroom looks great!