Thursday, July 12, 2012

Odds, Ends

I have gone to work in the afternoon the last two days, and OMFG I have missed going to my office SO MUCH.  Especially since I have nothing to do but officey things.  Like box up an entire file cabinet's worth of shit to be shredded (and 2 bankers boxes of random crap that have been sitting on the floor of my office since before Cooper was born).  Then, I could put the towering stacks of paper that covered every surface in the newly empty file cabinet. In file folders, even, because I am fancy like that.  I even unpacked the giant boxes of textbooks on my table (and ordered more, so that victory is short-lived).  I went so far as to clean out the credenza that holds old baby toys, changing pads, and wipes on one side and old, old, old stuff from the last guy who had my job on the other side.

That's where I found these:
Floppy disks that are floppy.

Then today, I got all of the fall teaching materials ready for the big class I direct, and I made the syllabus and schedule for the small class I teach.  If fall semester started tomorrow, I would be ready (well, I'd be ready of someone could run off a few thousand pages of photocopies real quick, but that's practically ready!).

I decided to finally lose the rest of my baby weight before Cooper turns 1 (zOMG), and Ben is also counting calories. We are eating so  much better.  Ben's using a My Fitness Pal app on his phone, and I am sticking with Sparkpeople.  It's a pain to measure and then enter all of our food, but neither of us has had food from a  box in almost a week, and we've gone through a ton of produce, poultry, and salmon.  At first, I was having a hard time making my protein grams for the day, but peanut butter, cottage cheese, gouda, and grilled turkey breast have saved the day (not all together-- blech!)  I am having a hard time drinking my bajillion cups of water a day. I don't drink anything else-- I just found out that I don't drink as much as I should, so I am working on it, especially since water makes me feel full (and cold).  I'm down 3 pounds-- woo-hoo!  I am not sure how many calories I should be eating since I am still breastfeeding round the clock, so it's all a big experiment.

My mom bought this shirt for Harry, and I was glad to pull it out again for Cooper.  Ben said this outfit made him look like the manager of a Nissan dealership on Memorial Day.
 Jack showed off his karate moves (and his ribs) at the pool tonight, where I discovered that Cooper has quite a tan.  #MOTY


  1. I have GOT to get myself back onto spark people or something that's going to whip my jiggly butt back into shape. I've done well this week, but long term is definitely my issue. Fortunately I'm spending a lot of time in my bathing suit this summer & that's a diet unto itself bc I absolutely refuse to eat while wearing a bathing suit. LOL I should really start using that gym membership, too....maybe tomorrow? ;-)

  2. we should all band together to lose the weight - I'm packing quite the heft these days as well and I'd like for it not to really stick around longer than I can safely still call it baby weight.

  3. Ditto, I need some accountability. Love the Nissan dealer on Memorial Day. What a cutie pie!