Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Still dieting.  Still kind of pissy about it.  I have lost 4 pounds, which means I am 10 pounds out from my pre-Cooper weight.  Almost a year later.  Ben is dieting with me, and he has lost 14 pounds to my 4.  He eats 2000 calories a day.  I eat 1400.  And exercise 5 days a week.  And breastfeed round the clock (because Cooper is turning out to be my best ever breast feeder-- not a supplemental drop because he will only! drink! breast milk!, but I won't have to pack a thermos of BM in his kindergarten lunch because  I can just  go across the street and nurse him.  Kidding.  Hopefully.).

But this is not about me and my baby weight.  Thankfully.

We went to Des Moines last weekend to see my grandma (who comments faithfully here as Bomma) be honored as a Playhouse Legend by the Des Moines Community Playhouse.  You can read all about it here.  It was so cool!  I have been watching Bomma in plays for years, and it was great to see her get recognition for being a wonderful actress.  Her old next door neighbor Peter Hedges wrote a beautiful letter (my favorite part was when he said he still didn't feel comfortable using her first name and called her Mrs. Silverstein), and she got a tremendous standing ovation. Then we went to Noah's, a favorite restaurant since my mom was a little kid.  We had a lovely time.

Usually when we stay in hotels, we put all the kids to bed in the bedroom, meaning Harry and Jack get a king-size bed, and Ben and I huddle on the fold-out couch in the living room.  This time, we took the bed, and the kids got the couch, and they complained that the hotel had small suites.  Ha!  They did love room service and the pool.  It is so tough to be them.

We had a terrible ride home, culminating in a horrific potty accident that required us to do unspeakable things with baby wipes and plastic bags in the parking lot of Menards.  Makes me really happy to be embarking on an 18-hour drive pretty soon.  Yum.

I had tons more pictures, but my computer sucks and is so, so painfully slow that I can't upload them, which is why my family picture blog is bunk.  New computer soon, but I can't decide MacBook Pro or Air?


  1. Your Bomma sounds really neat! Congrats to her.

    My kids love the pull-out couch. They think it's amazing to watch a couch turn into a bed. Haha suckers!

  2. Tripod10:41 AM

    The part of this entry that slays me is the unspeakable things with baby wipes and bags!

  3. Oh how I wish you'd go into detail about the potty accident. Those are comedy gold.

    don't even start on weightloss with me; Husband decides to go all Atkins on me and loses 20lbs eating steak cooked in butter. I eat small portions, eat low-fat food whole foods and exercise and I gain 10lbs.

  4. Girl - as a nursing mum and avid exerciser, you may be getting too FEW calories. 1400 probably isn't enough, so your body goes into preservation mode & holds onto the fat. I'm just curious where that number came from, because it's awfully low!

    On a different note, I think you are looking FAB!

  5. ...my MacBook Pro (retina) arrived last week.

    So so so in love.

  6. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Congratulations to Bomma!!!! She is amazing and I am so privileged to know and love her!!