Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birth plans

Last night, I woke up at 2:30 (also 12:30, 3:46, 4:11, and 6:19) in a total panic about childbirth. The other times I was just rolling over and/or getting up to pee.

I remembered Jack's birth and compared it to Harry's and hoped that I'd be able to go quickly and med-free again this time.

I was not wild about my epidural experience, even though it worked great-- a little too great since I couldn't even feel anything to push. But my baby was so, so, so sleepy and hard to wake to feed, and my recovery was tons harder.

The thing is, I have never been a fan of birth plans because I just didn't want to end up feeling somehow disappointed and less than if my ideal situation didn't work out. So I don't want to pressure myself to be med-free, especially if that's just not in the cards this time. With Harry, I didn't care-- I wanted to try it without the drugs and see if I could handle it Couldn't. With Jack, I didn't realize a med-free birth was possible until I walked into the hospital at 7 centimeters. This time? I really don't want an epidural, but I also don't wan to ruin this experience for myself with unrealistic expectations.

There was something so awesome about walking from my delivery room to my recovery suite carrying my own baby and feeling like my old self less than an hour after birth-- which is when I was able to enjoy a shower. I really want that again, you know?

At least I was up worrying about something legit last night, instead of just being up. Sleep sucks at 34.5 weeks, by the way.


  1. My labor nurse asked if I had a birth plan with number 3. I laughed and said no because they always go down the drain (okay, maybe not ALWAYS, but often enough to make me decide they aren't worth it). Then I added that my only plan was to not be sectioned.

    Guess what happened? And I fought it, too. My idiot self pushed for 2.5 hours when I decided to give it up. Hello? #3 should just fall out, right? The rotten kid was trying to come out eyebrows/forehead first and sideways. All that came from all that pushing was a giant head bruise for the poor kid.

    All of that to say I agree with no formal birth plan. But I am sure yours will go great! As long as you don't mistake pee for amniotic fluid... :)

  2. I like to say no matter how they come out, you end up with a baby, so there's no wrong way.

    I can tell you, though, I was up walking to the bathroom within an hour of giving birth to all three with epidurals all around. They can give you good ones that stop as soon as they remove them.

    But if med-free is meant to be (haha, I rhyme), then it will all work out. If you do two med-free, though, you will officially become a rockstar. I think there is a plaque issued when you leave the hospital.

  3. It's good to keep an open mind. I always thought I'd see how far I could go without the epidural, and as it turns out, it's NOT VERY FAR. It would have been awesome to feel like my old self again quickly, but after four weeks of excruciating pelvic pain, they couldn't get that epidural in fast enough! I'm so thrilled for you, though! Love the whole newborn in the hospital experience!

  4. I have never had an official birth plan. Before AJU5 was born, I read over the "fill in the blank" plan fromt eh hospital and mentally noted things. But, basically me answers were always in the middle anyways. I knew with AJU6 I was supposed to have an epidural since it was a VBAC, so I didn't even bother with a birth pan. And guess what - even that went out the window when he came faster than anyone thought. So, this time I am going in with the idea of no meds. But, if labor is like it was with AJU5, I will probably take them. If it is like AJU6, I should be able to survive...

  5. I hear you on that one. I asked for the epidural very early on (like when Dr. Harrington confirmed I was pregnant - no lie). I also did not want to have this baby in July, because we already had a ton of birthdays in July. Well, that all flew out the window - pre-e necessitated a July 28 induction, AND I went too fast for the epidural.

    Three years later, though, the kid is just fine. Little weird, but fine.

  6. Oh, I hope you get to go med-free again; one of my best friends out here just did (sort of unintentionally) and she had the same experience you did---such a fast recovery and feeling back to normal almost right away, and baby was more alert.

    But I agree w/ Amy, however it works out, you walk away with a beautiful baby. Hell, I didn't even SEE Ethan for the first 16 hours & we turned out to be okay. :-)

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