Friday, July 08, 2011


To make a long story short, we seem to have gotten rid of a ton of baby stuff. Like most of the stuff we liked. And so, we had to go to Babies R Us today and buy so much stuff that people asked us curiously if this was our first baby even though we had a 3 year-old and a 5 year-old with us. Maybe they thought H and J were just practice kids we were borrowing?

We even had to buy a freaking stroller because we left our Combi outside the gates to see Obama last fall and forgot to go get it ever. OMG. We are so stupid and wasteful sometimes. Also? I didn't even WANT to buy a Combi, but it was the only stroller (including a Snap N Go) that works with our awesome Combi infant seat. Hoping to use it through the winter and get a BOB in the spring. Sigh.

Keep in mind that we STILL need a Bjorn and a bouncy chair (probably our 2 most used items from Jack, which explains why they didn't make the move-- they were BEAT. But still. Ugh. Also I would like one of those baby gym things-- between H and J, ours was seriously discolored from baby vomit. But I wonder if it;s a practical toy for Baby #3-- will he just get killed by his brothers while trying to use it? (But H is gone all day at kindergarten, and J has 3 preschool mornings a week, so maybe he'll get to be on the floor free from harm sometimes?)
We had the crib, toy box, swing, and dresser, and that was pretty much it.

I bought this cute crib bedding set at Target after deciding for the 3rd time that I could not pay Pottery Barn Kids prices.

Why the F did we ditch our old Pack n Play? (I mean, the one we bought for H got recalled, but J had 2 --2!!-- that we didn't keep, making this PnP #4. WTF?)

Some assorted stuff for the nursery wall and a brand! new! diaper genie! because I absolutely could not convince Ben to go cloth.

I think this quilt is so cute, but I don't really know what to do with it. Hang it on the wall? (And yes-- baby has a name and that name might contain a W)

Got a couple of Miracle blankets and enough Aden + Anais muslin swaddling blankets to burrito wrap and army of babies.

We bought Boppy and baby bathtub #3

Oh! Got rid of BOTH my double electric pump and my Avent hand pump. AND all the bottles. Bought the hand pump and a bunch o glass bottles, breastmilk storage bags, nipple cream, breast pads. My HMO gave us a coupon for 1/2 off a double electric pump if we buy it from a sketchy store on the south side as part of their pro-BFing campaign, so I'll definitely pick one up. Ugh.

And we bought this to go on the playroom floor, making our house look like we run a daycare in the basement.

But it's good for wrestling.


  1. I am worried about "floor space" for the baby too. It will be a challenge for sure I bet!

    Luckily we haven't gotten rid of any baby things yet )and we have the same swing). But, I still have to find them all and clean them in the next four weeks. Oh, and buy a coming home outfit. It is SO hard to find gender neutral ones it seems...

  2. Get to a Kid to Kid or a Once Upon a Child! I got a practically new floor gym for James for $10 and he uses it all the time. I was also worried about him getting stepped on, but we've found a good spot to stick him that isn't in the traffic pattern.

    The nursery is looking so sweet! I'm so excited for you guys.

  3. Walter? Wilbur? Wallace? William? Wade? Wainwright? Waldo? Walt? Wally? Ward? Warick? Washington? Webster? Wilford? Wentworth? Winston? Wolfgang?

    (Glad you're back to blogging a bit. It's hard to live vicariously through you when you're absent for long - lol)

  4. Just came back to look at your nursery pics again and I am SOOO excited for you. That soft little floppy newborn! I can't STAND it. The nursery looks adorable.

  5. Do you know I kept everything. EVERYTHING. Despite Josh having a vasectomy. Because everyone knows the fastest way to get yourself accidentally pregnant is to give away baby stuff. Duh!

    Emailed you about a Bjorn. Don't buy one. Although I got an Ergo for Maeve (a friend gave it to me, socre!) and it has been hands-down, the best baby carrier ever. I still put her in it at 19 months and I can even carry Emmie in it with the backpack carrier. Not to encourage more consumer frivolity, but it rocks.

    And the nursery is adorable!

  6. So give us a hint--is the "W" the first letter of the name or is it just somewhere in there?!

    buying baby stuff is just fun, whether its #1 or #3 (well, maybe not if you're a Duggar and it's #857)

  7. I just got rid of my Bjorn like a month ago! it was barely used and I totally would have sent it to you if I knew you needed one. I dontaed it to a local thrift shop - maybe I'll see if I can go find it - it probably only costs $1.

    I don't think Sophie got out of her bouncy chair for 6 months after she was born because the once time I put her on the floor the other 2 kids pounced on her like jackals. Out of love, but still, suffocation is suffocation. it will make a huge amount of difference that your kids are older and will be in school.

    yay, babies!!

  8. I have not even begun to make a list of what we need replaced. I found some fabulous things at garage sales before we moved to Texas that I am most excited about.

    It is a pain having this baby so far from Kyle, with whom I have shared all baby things with since she had Ethan.