Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The key to a house that always looks clean?

Choose all your finishes in dust color.

Seriously. Our floor:

Our blinds:

Our bedroom furniture:

All the color of dust. Score!

Also helpful?

A countertop that always looks dirty anyway.

I found a Subway sandwich black olive tinged with mustard on the island the other day, and we haven't had Subway since before we officially moved in.

When we chose our cooktop oven, a lot of people (parents, friends, realtor, appliance salesman, home builder) seemed shocked that we didn't go with gas. I know that gas cooks better. BUT, you can get a cooktop pristine clean every time you use it. With any other kind of stove, there is AWLAYS some gunk around the burners somewhere. Not a ceramic cooktop though. I love it. And it also has some speckles, making it look already dusty, so there's no point in dusting it! Yes!

Maybe I should only serve Jack pale beige smoothies so Id never have to wipe his face.

Definitely should have painted the house gray like the color of smudgy little fingerprints. Oh well. There's always next time.


  1. That's good thinking! Love the olive!

  2. Be careful cleaning that ceramic cooktop...that's what's got our former landlord all up in $300 arms! I had NO idea they were so sensitive. :( boo.

    We got dust colored carpet with flecks. We're no dummies! lol :)