Saturday, July 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Ben and his mini-me walking into the splash park today to celebrate our nephew Jacob's 1st birthday.

When people see Jack decked out in his long sleeves, extra long shorts and UPF hat, they probably assume that I am over protective. This might be true. BUT, Jack has NO
PIGMENT. And we go to the pool every sunny day. And he is not tan/burned at all. WIN!

In fact, his legs are blindingly white and despite eating this cupcake in the sun, he still looks like a ghost!

Ben had fun playing with the kids. I was the only adult who didn't wear a swim suit and I almost died of heat stroke. And I made fun of Ben for wearing his swim clothes and then felt dumb when I realized that everyone else was ready for water.

Harry had the best time ever. He was in the water for over 2 hours, and he never stopped moving (he also has slightly more pigment and enjoys 3/4 sleeves, slightly shorter shorts, and time in the sun without his hat.)

I have not been out in the sun without my rash guard all season, and I have been pretty pale. Until today. Even though I had on sunscreen, I got "brown as a berry" in no time. I am the opposite of Jack and have the classy bra strap tan line to prove it.

I am also experiencing horrendous back pain. The other day, I told my OB that I felt amazing-- and I did. Then BAM! Horrible back pain pretty much all the time. Thanks, Baby. But, on the pregnancy is awesome side, I had a huge burger, fries, and a chocolate shake for lunch.


  1. Mmm, delicious!

    I don't think you can be too careful about the sun. Rash guards cut down on the sunscreen and time it takes to apply it. Win win win!

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Is this splash pad in Madison?? I don't recognize it!!

  3. Sounds like a great place for a birthday party!

    I try to be careful with the sun, but it just isn't working. When the kids go play in the backyard for 10 minutes at a time, it is hard to either change their clothes or slather on sunscreen. So, AJU6 has a farmers tan. AJU5 is still pretty white, and she rarely has sunscreen on (less often than AJU6). But, we try to avoid the worst time of day at least, and we have only had a little redness over the 4th weekend, so things are going well there.

    And the back pain - I HATE it. So there with you on that one. That is basically my only complaint right now...