Friday, March 04, 2011

I take it back! HMO inefficiency is NOT cool at all.

Ugh. My doctor wrote the order for my big 20 week ultrasound (you know, the one where in addition to taking all sorts of measurements of the baby's vital organs and body parts, the ultrasound tech will reveal the baby's sex?) and faxed it to the ultrasound clinic. This is, in and of itself, a bit of HMO inefficiency. I see an OB at a different HMO than my regular one because my HMO does not have its own OB division. Ultrasounds, however, have to be done back at my own HMO in a very specific location. Major pain right there. But that's not usually the problem. When my doctor wrote the order, he said I needed to go in the week of April 18th. I was like oh no! My kids are on spring break at school that week, but my husband and I are not (we have our very own kid-free spring break the week after next-- woo-hoo!), and I won't have a kid-free second that week (kids under 5 cannot go in the ultrasound rooms). I asked if I could go earlier-- like April 14th or 15th. He pulled up his iPad pregnancy wheel app and said sure-- I'd be 19 weeks and 6 days on April 14th, so that would be fine.

I was super excited to get a peek a few days sooner than originally intended, so I called my clinic right away, happy that they had received the order fax by the time I made it to my car after my OB appointment. Nothing terribly inefficient yet, right? Well, the woman who answered the phone when I called (And that's her job, right? To answer the phone. She could be answering the phone at a library or a business office or a hair salon or a Jiffy Lube-- she's not a doctor, a nurse, or a medical professional, right?) told me that according to HER pregnancy wheel, I could not have the ultrasound until the 18th. We went back and forth for a few minutes with me getting increasingly agitated and her refusing to let me talk to a radiologist or a nurse. Finally, I was late to pick up the kids, so I was all, "Fine. I'll make an appointment for the 26th." The 26th?!? 13 days later than my doctor said I could go. Blech.

I know; I know. 13 days is not a bog deal. And I could go sooner were it not for spring break. But darn it! I think my doctor's pregnancy wheel and judgment about when would be a good time to have an ultrasound should trump the nonmedical decision of the front desk woman at the clinic lab. Pffffft. Protocol.


  1. Ugh, what a giant hassle. But yay for kid-free spring break for both of you! That sounds dreamy.

  2. Does the ultrasound clinic have the "new" due date? I am guessing they may not - which would be why they are saying you have to wait.

    I am glad we have a PPO, and I am extra glad that my OB/GYN office has its own sonographer. I just get my ultrasound right before my regular appointment, and it is one "big" appointment. When I had to have one earlier because we weren't 100% sure of due date due to irregular cycles, they just fit me in while I was there. It was so nice!

  3. I HATE dealing with idiots on the phone, especially ones who aren't willing to deviate from some stupid form (or wheel, as the case may be.) What does she care if you go in too early? Maybe you could have a "schedule conflict" and your doctor could advocate for the earlier appointment?

  4. Anonymous1:16 PM

    I hate dealing with inefficient idiots on the phone. And I also HATE the stupid pregnancy wheel. I knew when I got knocked up...but noooo the wheel said it MUST have happened on a different date (one nowhere even close to anytime we'd DTD). Nevermind that I had charting data to show otherwise. Nope, their all knowing psychic pregnancy wheel held all the right answers. :(

  5. whoever designed those pregnancy wheels was smoking crack. Due to my renowned status as a one shot mary, i've pretty much known every single conception date EXACTLY, and yet the doctor's office would seriously argue with me about due dates. One pregnancy (can't remember which one) I think my due date changed every time I went in. Stupid!

    Sorry you have to wait - that would drive me nuts too!

  6. Congratulations to you! And, phone lady sucks.