Friday, March 18, 2011

Catching up

Finally! The snow is melting, and we have started to be able to go outside and play again. In our snow pants. But not because it is terribly cold; because it is terribly muddy, and it is easier for me to wash snow pants than have new outfits ready for everyone as soon as they come inside. (Note: In our next house, I need some kind of mudroom.) Sometimes, though, Harry in particular gets so wet and muddy that the gook actually leaks THROUGH his snow pants, and he needs all new clothes anyway. He has a talent for finding the biggest, messiest puddles.

W';ve even been able to go to the zoo again, although most of the animals are still inside. The lions had a baby this winter, so I can't wait to see it. The giraffes had a baby right around the time Jack was born, and now the lions and I are procreating together. (Not together like that. At the same time). How nice.

We had an open house on Ben's 32nd birthday (that only ONE PERSON) attended, so we got out of town and went to see Ben's parents and sister. It was fun for all the cousins to play. Jack enjoyed the birthday cake immensely, and Harry and Max dorked out to The Empire Strikes Back

Check out the poster that Harry made Ben (it says Happy Birthday Dad Love Harry)!

Jack has been working on his cheesy smile, with great success.

The whole family has been taking advantage of my carb/refined sugar cravings to make some questionable food choices.

Mostly, we have just been obsessed with our house hunt and increasingly desperate about selling our house. The good news? We figured out exactly what we want in our house, and we know exactly which items on our "must have" list are really must- haves. We also found the exact neighborhood we hope to buy in. So, those things are all good. Having a third kid in our 2-bedroom, 1200-square-foot townhouse? Um, not so much. Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Good luck with your house. It's such a tense time! Yay for warmer temperatures. I don't think I would have survived spring break if not for our back yard and their fascination with the hose.

  2. Ugh. House hunting is most intimidating to me. We're starting to search for ones in San Antonio (to rent) and we have a list of must-haves as well. One of them is trees. We have not a single tree here and let me tell you how much I miss trees.

    Good luck with your search!!
    And Jack's smile is awesome! I love cheesy grins.