Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I look pregnant, not just fat

I am not actually as lumpy as I look in this picture, but my skirt was lumpy because it has a ton of "decorative" buttons. It's a low-rise pencil skirt from the Gap that I hiked up to my waist to accommodate my stomach. Sneaky. Also lumpy.

I got bangs again, real bangs, not the long, greasy side-swept bangs I have been sporting.

If you think I have worn this hair cut before, you'd be wrong. I used to have an angled bob that went from above the neck to chin -length. NOW, my bob is straight across right above the collar, and it's entirely blunt cut all the way around. Big difference.

The weather was both warm and sunny on the same day last week, and we finally got to go to the park:

In all of these pictures Jack looks like he is either about to inflict violence, surveying the results of his violence, or casting some sort of spell. What can I say? He's scrappy. They are both in love with Power Rangers Samurai, the new series on Nick, and they spent the whole morning playing Power Rangers. Jack was the pink ranger, and Harry was the red ranger.
Jack's into flashing his tummy.

Our spring break was lovely and lazy, and I am so happy that Ben also enjoys an academic calendar. In a few weeks, when the kids have spring break, I am sure we'll all be grumpy messes because Ben and I will be spending all of our free time covering the kid duty while the other one works. But last week it was fun.

Yesterday, I droppe the kids off at school and went to get a prenatal massage on my way to work. I was so excited to begin the meticulously scheduled massage series I have planned through August (it's hard to get in to see my massage therapist-- lots of advanced planning). I was in the massage room (which is at my HMO's complimentary medicine clinic, so even though there is a huge waterfall wall in the waiting room, it is a little more doctors office than zen paradise. They even use unscented lotion) undressed to my comfort level and ready to slip beneath the warmed blankets on the massage table when I decided to check my phone one more time before I was unreachable for one relaxing hour. OF COURSE, of course of course, of course I had a message from Jack's teacher telling me that he had a 101-degree fever and needed to be picked up ASAP.

On the one hand, thank goodness I checked my phone before slipping into bliss because I would have looked like one shitty mother arriving an hour later, all massaged and glowy. On the other hand, are you kidding me? Why did I check my damn phone?

(We went to the pediatrician yesterday afternoon because Jack was complaining of ear pain, and after checking his ears and throat and swabbing him for strep, the doc gave us the Just a Virus diagnosis we have had a million times this winter. Jack slept about 12 hours last night and woke up feeling much better. Me? I can't see my massage therapist until mid-April.)


  1. Yay for kid-free spring break!

    Wes and another little girl who was at our house chased each other all over the house with their shirts up like Jack's yelling "tummy!" It must be the age. So cute.

    And you look adorable! I love that part of pregnancy when you look cute but don't feel like total ass.

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    That shirt makes you look pregnant, dude...... some of my shirts do that, too. (LOL) . Actually, I think I do remember your hair being cut like that. It was about 1981. You look so good pregnant, you should have about 10 kids
    Cute post.

  3. Anonymous10:06 AM

    you lok great, love the haircut and the tummy...Bomma

  4. you look super cute, both with the belly and the bangs. Boo for missing your massage!

  5. Your story reminds me of the time when I was just about to lay down for a facial. My phone buzzed all of a sudden and I thought to myself, I better check that to make sure it's not home calling. Sure enough, it was my husband saying he and our son were locked inside (yes, inside) of our bedroom. I had to rush home to let them out and missed my hour of me time!

    Hope you are feeling well! You look great!

  6. I love the bangs! And I've done angeled vs. blunt and yes, huge difference!! :)

    You're so cute prego!