Monday, February 28, 2011

13 weeks pregnant and almost ready to dip into the maternity clothes

OMG. My freaking clothes are starting to rebel, and I have only gained 3 pounds. (Well, as of Friday. I am not going to weigh myself at the gym in a little while because Ben and I had the mist delicious Indian takeout last night, and it was soooo salty. I think I have guzzled 2 gallons of water today).

Today, struggling into my favorite (former favorite, the bastards) skinny jeans, I RIPPED a HUGE HOLE in them while squeezing my hips together so I could zip the fly. Last week, I realized that my favorite skinny cords have a broken zipper (although I do not think that was my fat's fault. I am blaming an aggressive washing machine (shut up). I have a pair of "ankle" length skinnies that are suddenly too tight in the freaking CALVES, and my favorite boyfriend jeans give me big time muffin top. That means I am down to some black skinny jeans, some cream skinny jeans, a really old pair of Gap skinny jeans that have faded to a decidedly mom color, some missing Old Navy skinny jeans that I bet would fit awesome IF I COULD FIND THEM, some high-waisted H&M acid washed jeans that look dumb, trouser jeans that I can only wear with heels, and some super low-rise Gap jeans from back in the day when that was cool that accommodate my beer belly (or "wine bottle belly" as Harry bafflingly calls it). Oh! And a lone pair of plain old jeans from Old Navy that I love for their vanity sizing and the fact that they still fit me and are not skinnies. None of these options is terribly okay for work, but since all of my high waisted skirts and pencil skirts are out, casual is in, I guess.

I so do not want to buy bigger clothes because everyone tells me I will never bounce back from #3 (thanks a lot EVERYONE), and if I have a closet full of fat pants, this will probably be true. I am praying the snow magically melts, and I can wear dresses and ballet flats for the next 5 weeks when I will be pregnant enough for maternity clothes.

SPeaking of! Holy crap! Ben and I were done having kids, so I GOT RID OF THEM ALL. Except for like 3 winer shirts, a maternity suit (blech), a formal dress (sooooo practical) and a couple pairs of sad, saggy jeans. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

As you can see, I have no belly yet, so the whole clothes-don't-fit thing is likely the result of EATING LIKE A CRAZED GIANT.


  1. I switched to maternity clothes at 13 weeks. My regular pants would not close any more, and my maternity cords were comfy. But, maternity tops are HUGE, so I am stuck trying to find tops long enough to cover the wide waist band without either clinging to me and making me look larger than I am or are huge and make me look like a tent. Ugh... Hang in there - the belly will "show" in a few weeks!

  2. I shan't lie, I am very excited to read your pregnancy blogs. It makes me giggle a lot. :)

    When I was pregnant with Julia, long shirt were popular and I was soooooo thankful because I wore those forever. Well, you remember were pregnant with Jack.

  3. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Hey there! I work at the UW too. When I was pregnant, I decided I didn't really want to invest a whole lot in maternity clothes. So - for work - I just bought multiple pairs of black yoga pants (full length and cropped) and wore those with decent tops and accessories. They were stretchy enough in the banded waist to accommodate all nine months and afterward. They worked well, even in a casual-professional setting. For meetings and more formal work events, I wore a high wasted/empire waste dress and a jacket.

    Good luck!

    If you want maternity clothing ideas, the style blog has a blogger who is pregnant now and blogging about maternity style in an academic setting.

  4. You look awesome. I sure hope we can bounce back after number three!

  5. I was in maternity clothes by 13 weeks with my second! And, people were already asking me if I was pregnant.

    What about a bella band to keep you in your normal pants a bit longer? I bought bella bands for Zoe and LOVED them. Also, a maxi dress for winter and summer wear? You could wear layers under it for the winter to keep warm and add a cardigan or something.

    And finally, "everyone" is wrong -- you will totally regain your body after this pregnancy!

  6. Tripod8:57 AM

    Of course you bounce back from #3! It's just like 1 &2. No worries!

  7. I had a belly so early that Allie asked what was in there before we were ready to tell her (read: before 12 weeks). And yes, you will bounce back. I bought a size 4 dress the other day. And I fit back into all of my pre-first-pregnancy clothes!

  8. I am here to tell you (and I'm not gloating, I swear) you WILL bounce back from No. 3. I am down 17 pounds from where I was when I got pregnant with Jack, which is exactly where I was before I got pregnant with Maeve.

    Trust me, the breastfeeding and the craziness of three will not leave you with extra reserves of anything, including fat. :)

    Now, can I lend you anything? I have lots o' stuff that I am not using EVER AGAIN.

  9. I actually think i have a bella band around here somewhere. if i find it I'll send it to you and maybe you can get a few more weeks out of your regular jeans, although it won't help them fit in the calves (mine totally got fat too during my first pregnancy and never went back even when I lost the weight, I had to get rid of some of my favorite knee high boots, that probably wasn't a helpful comment). Anyway, hang in there - I am so excited to live vicariously through your pregnancy as the chances of me ever having another are slim and getting slimmer. unlike my ass :-)