Thursday, March 17, 2011

My jeans are so tight I have heartburn

16 weeks pregnant and not wearing maternity clothes, although perhaps I should be (but actually I shouldn't because they are too big, but my real clothes are getting kind of awkward and WHEN WILL I LOOK PREGNANT, DAMNIT?)

Actually, I am in no hurry to look pregnant or to stop wearing my clothes because as I told the nice nurse practitioner (who gave me the roughest pap I have ever encountered-- seriously, I always roll my eyes at women who complain of discomfort at their annual OB visits or at internal exams toward the end of their pregnancies, but HOLY SHIT never again) who knows if I will ever wear them again. With every pound I gain (4 if you want to keep track at home), I am simultaneously hopeful that it will send me out of the fat-or-pregnant stage and sad because this could be the lightest I ever am again (you know, the whole bounce back thing).

Ben and I are on spring break, and THE KIDS AREN'T! We had 3 kid-free days, but because we are stodgy grown ups, all we did was work and tour private schools for next year and look at houses we can't buy until we sell our condo and speaking of condo? We SLASHED the price like Scott Walker slashed K-12 education in Wisconsin (see: private school search).

Not a lot of Spring, though.

Or all that much break.


  1. My vote is that you are officially looking pregnant. Just burp and rub your belly a lot if someone starts to question that.

  2. You are definitely started to look pregnant. I had to break out many maternity clothes at 13 weeks. Now at 19 weeks if I am not wearing a baggy t-shirt I definitely look pregnant. Oh, and I gained 13 lbs between conception and week 17 - so don't feel bad. We can encourage each other to loose the weight in a few months :) Although, chasing three kids should help up loose some of it simply (hopefully).

  3. Ahh, the awkward stage. I'm lucky in that I have about fourteen different sizes of pants, so there's always something to wear. Not so good now, though when I need more than one pair that fits.

  4. You definitely look pregnant, not fat! I'm so impressed that on your third kid, you're not in maternity clothes at 16 weeks. Girl, I busted those stretchy waists out at 11 weeks!!

    Good luck with the house stuff--hopefully you'll sell the townhouse soon and move into the dream house!