Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have a case of the blahs.

Part of it is that I am getting heavy. Like I mean I feel heavy. I have gained 7 pounds, and I will be 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I feel like I am growing exponentially everyday, while the baby is still less than 6-inches long and the size of small produce.

We are starting to feel like we will never sell our condo and are exploring the possibility of renting it.

We had to pay the IRS more than I made as a grad student at Miami.

I think the barista made my latte with caffeine today because I am wicked jumpy.

But enough about me. I have kid pics.

Here they are mid-air at the park. My favorite thing to do at this part is sit on the pavement and try to catch Harry as he jumps.

Yesterday, Jack jumped, too, from a lower step. He looks like a baby in this picture with his short legs and clenched fists and chubby, determined face

Here they are in costume (I asked Harry what hula dancing is, and he said as if I am the dumbest person on the planet, "it's telling a story with my body.")

Jack wears this costume because he does not yet have a pink Power Ranger costume, which he is hoping to score for his birthday

The other day I took them to campus with me and we had lunch at the food court next to my office. Not pictured: Harry's bacon, turkey, and swiss club which he devoured. He eats like a man. Ben packed chicken legs in is lunch the other day (which I totally mocked him for-- such a dad thing to pack), and all Harry brought home was a ziploc of chicken bones.

We went to another favorite park yesterday because it was finally warm enough to be outside and dry enough to be outside without taking a mud bath. Harry was playing on the monkey bars and asked me to stand by him so I could catch him if he fell. So I stood there and watched him face-plant when he missed a rung. He looked up, shocked and betrayed with a face full of blood and said, "I can't believe you didn't catch me!" before he burst into tears. He's lucky he didn't lose a tooth or bite through his lip. He is SO PISSED at me for not catching him. The first thing he said to me this morning, in fact, was "I can't believe you didn't catch me." In my defense, he didn't look like he was going to fall-- I was s surprised as he was. Also, last summer he mastered the art of falling feet-first off the monkey bars, so the face-plant shocked us both. MOTY, I know.

He was also really mad because we JUST went to the dentist, and he was pretty stoked about his freshly polished teeth. He kept asking me if they were still white and shiny. Also! Anybody get their kids a fluoride treatment lately? We did it yesterday because we don't use fluoride toothpaste for the kids, and it's so cool-- just a varnish they paint on teeth that hardens and dissolves-- no more disgusting flavored trays to soak your teeth in-- anybody remember those? Still, I am sure it was horribly toxic. Ugh, I am so torn. Which brings me back to the blahs.



  1. The baggie of chicken bones made me snort. Hysterical. What a funny lunch!

    Great pictures. Poor Harry flying off the monkey bars. Kids are born to hurt themselves, it seems.

  2. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Harry is exactly like you were at that age..he not only looks ike you, he has the same speech patterns...Bomma

  3. just thinking about those horrible flouride trays has set me drooling (not in a good way - did you have to lean over the sink because you couldn't swallow the drool? I did) in remembrance. Yuck. How great our kids won't have to do that - it can be my version of "we had to walk uphill to school both ways. in the snow"

  4. Right there with you with the blah's - but c'mon you're a cute pregnant lady and 7 pounds at the 1/2 way point is almost nothing!!!

  5. Anonymous10:15 AM

    What park is that??? It looks awesome.

  6. Those boys!!

    I hope you're feeling better today, Sarah. :)

  7. I think pregnancy can cause blahs. At least that is my stance and I am sticking to it. Oh, and I gained 20 lbs in 21 weeks - so no talking about weight gain!

    Hopefully your blahs aren't so bad now.