Monday, February 14, 2011


I have always loved Valentines Day, probably because I love flowers, candy, jewelry, and restaurants and have been happily coupled for at least the last 12-ish years.

Harry and Jack like it too because it's SUCH a commercial holiday that they get tons of cards, candy, and toys. Like a mini-Christmas to hold them over until Easter.

I got to go to Jack's V-Day party today (Harrys class took a field trip to a bakery to make cookies and exchange class-made cards, but I stayed behind with jack because I am a room mom for his class, and I have yet to do ANYTHING room-mom-like. Go me), and it was adorable, of course. Lots of kids' moms made cute V-day cards. Not me. I made Jack scribble on each Tangled card with a dull pencil, though. (All I could find was dry erase markers and dull pencils). Harry had to sign his name himself on the Star Wars cards he picked out to augment the cards he made in class, and he was surprisingly efficient about it. He also took great joy in slapping as many heart stickers as he could on each card. I am such a V-Day slacker.

But only in the kid-card area. I have already made impressive inroads into my giant Fannie May heart of assorted candies. In fact, I can see it now on the kitchen counter, calling my name and assuring me it will still be there when the kids are in bed and we've fired up the DVR.

From the V-day party, I went straight to the capitol for some protesting. Seriously. Have you heard about our governor? OMFG. Here, read this. So. Yeah. This town knows how to protest, though, and the next few days promise to be exciting.

The gov has propsoed some budget cuts that will directly affect my family, since both of us are state workers, but that's another post for another day.

Today is a day to celebrate love! And Harry and Jack were actually nice to each other this morning (and lately, in fact).

Here they are playing Star Wars before school:

And enjoying a rousing game of leap frog the other day


  1. I unceremoniously grabbed two boxes of cards off the shelf at Target while I was there to buy nursing pads the other day. Working mothers FTW!

  2. I faithfully made Isabelle write every classmate's name on her cards, as well as her own name. but the cards were the cheapest thing I could find within 30 seconds of entering the store and I taped them to boxes of those horrible heart candies so they wouldn't look quite as half assed. not my finest holiday mom moment

    Happy valentine's Day!

  3. My sister and her boyfriend both work in politics (she's a democrat and he's a republican and works for the majority leader). The other weekend they were discussing the budget with my mom who is a teacher. Tense is a minor word. But hey - Happy Valentine's day!

  4. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I LOVE the leapfrog pic! Harry appears to be carefuful not to put too much weight on Jack. Jack looks like he is determined to be strong! It almost made me cry.