Friday, February 11, 2011

High Tide. Or Maybe Drought? Not sure.

I know I just wrote this whole coffee-buzz fueled post about ebb and flow in terms of my work life and my personal life, but sometimes, it feels like high tide or a freaking drought (I think my metaphor just fell the hell apart, but you get what I am saying. Extremes. It's all about extremes.)

Tuesday night into the whole day Wednesday, I had absolutely 100% enough alone time with the kiddos and when Ben came home at the (late for him) hour of 3:30, I shut myself in my room for some HGTV and a nap while he cooked (the) dinner (that I prepped-- we're partners, remember?)

Thursday, though, I did not see Harry and Jack from the time Ben took them to school at 8:30, and I stayed at work until they were tucked in bed. And OMG did I miss them! Their paint stained hands and their lisped recounting of their days at school. Their joyous welcome when I drag my huge book bag through the door. Even their screechy fights over Star Wars guys. Geez. Did I just say that? Only one day after the longest day ever, and I already miss their fighting? Crazy.

I need to work on finding a comfortable place in the middle between feeling trapped in my house and logging abnormally long hours in my office. My week is kind of set up on a binge and purge schedule, though, so maybe I have little hope of finding a middle ground after all.

Harry's teachers send us pictures every night, so I know what he did today while I was working:

It is now 5:50 on Friday morning. Ben is off to teach. Both kids are awake and fighting already. I am already craving alone time...


  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    In some ways it will improve through the years, but there will always be battles to referee.Bomma

  2. Totally! I only work two days a week and I still find myself alternating between staring out the window waiting for the babysitter and missing them like crazy.

    Ben gets home at 3:30? OMG that would be so amazing.