Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Dude. You guys. The snow.

I don't like to complain about it because we live in Wisconsin, and I think it's kind of lame to complain about the winter. I mean. Duh. We live in Wisconsin. But this snow is just about too much to handle.

The kids, of course, LOVE it! But Ben and I (the people who have to bundle them up, wipe their snotty noses in the snow, clean up their puddles when they have flung their outerwear all over the house, and serve them their cocoa with cookies and marshmallows) are kind of totally over it.


Tonight, though, when the kids and I left the gym at 5, it was still sunny-- sunny enough for sunglasses even. And tomorrow when Jack wakes up at 5:55,(or earlier-- he is still awake right now, an hour past his usual bedtime, which means he'll be up at the crack) it will be a little bit light in one corner of the sky. So. Spring. It's coming, right?


  1. I sure hope so. It's been colder than normal here (not cold like you guys have) and I am DONE. Today I took everyone to the playground because they were bouncing off the walls. Fortunately there was a doorway for James and me to huddle in while they ran around.

  2. Spring is coming! I am so usually a winter, or at least a cool weather, person. But, I'm really struggling. It sucks that no one shovels in front of his/her home (we live in an awesome neighborhood of mostly single family homes... yet, still!) and the parking spot saver people just infuriate me.

    C'mon spring!