Sunday, January 30, 2011

Total Loser

That's me. I have done a terrible job blogging this month. My mom keeps calling to see if we're okay. We're good. I'm just so blah. It's also been harder than I though getting used to working again (you are so totally rolling your eyes at me, I know), and Ben and I both have a lot of balls in the air right now (ha!) . We spend every night after the kids go to be working furiously on our iPads or laptops.

Remember how I thought I was all ready for school? Well, I realized around the first day of class that I spent a lot of time last semester writing on the board during the lecture part of my class, so I decided to leap into the 90s and make a freaking Power Point everyday. Only, I actually leapt into this century and decided to use my iPad, so I downloaded Keynote, which is much less intuitive than you'd think. A lot of the time that I would spend blogging, I am instead dragging definitions of obscure words around a screen with my finger and cussing. You should have seen me on the second day of class when I plugged in my iPad and mashed the icon of my laborious slideshow and-- nothing. The bastard would not project onto the screen. I got all pissy and made up some group work and called tech support. The guy came to my classroom and pushed play on my slide show. Presto! I'm such an idiot sometimes. So I have not, as I imagined I would, wowed my students with my awesome tech skillz.

We have also spent a ton of time torturing ourselves by finding 2 neighborhoods that we adore with houses that fit our budget and our style for sale. We have driven through these neighborhoods a million times and mentally decorated all available houses. Which is dumb because we still have a condo to sell.

Yesterday, we played Play Doh for quite a while. Ben and I made things to wear.

Check out his headband:

I made a necklace

Some pock marks

And a really subtle nose

Ben went with a creepy leatherface mask

And a nice kid-friendly trail of blood for his nose

Harry made some bling

Jack just sort of stuck his finger in this polar bear

And tried to sit on Harry's lap

I worked really hard on this girl

And the boys smashed her


  1. Screw the iPad for presenting and try this flash based program:

    it's free, helps create an engaging presentation, and is visually stimulating.

    and yes I have strong opinions on this for no good reason :)

    good luck on the sale!

  2. I have had good luck with Powerpoint, but find I can whiz through everything really fast if I'm not careful since I don't have to write on the board. Presentation mode is nice because there's a little counter that tells you how long you've been on each slide. I shoot for three minutes now.

    Come on condo, sell!

  3. Anonymous1:49 PM

    I do miss your blogs, but remember how overwhelming Moming, working and thinking about a new house csan be overwhelming...we love you and do check in with your Mother regularly...don't want to bother you with lots of contacts...Bomma

  4. hopefully your condo will sell quickly and you'll be decorating a new place in no time! I will so enjoy living vicariously through you on that one!

    Excellent play dough creations--particularly like your pock marks and Ben's Olivia Newton John headband.