Monday, September 20, 2010


The other day at the zoo, the boys were only interested in statues of animals, not the real deal.

Harry was smitten with this painted up sheep.

Notice that they are both staring into the same weird spot in space as their similarly postured animal statues.

Jack is making Pooh Bear climb the penguin in direct violation of the no climbing signs posted all over the creepy painted zoo animals.

Harry the badass

The little weirdos made me take their picture clinging to the big red Target ball


  1. Haha, what are those balls even for?

    Love the sunglasses!

  2. What is it with those balls!?!? My kids HAVE to hug them (all of them) before we can leave the premises!!!

    I too love Harry's sunglasses!

  3. I thought mine was the only one obsessed with the balls! I have a whole collection of pictures of him on them, which is weird on a number of different levels.

  4. Love the pictures of them staring at something other than the camera.

    And the Target balls - I am just glad AJU5 hasn't wanted to play with them yet. But, she does have to point them out every time we go to the store. I think they are there to prevent some vehicles from driving into the store, but they aren't spaced that great for that...

  5. Harry the badass is AWESOME.