Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Fall Sneak Peek

Could this be an Awkward Family Photo or what?

We've had a lovely fall preview this weekend, and Ben and the kids and I crammed in all of our favorite fall activities before the temperature climbs back up again. I got a Pumpkin Spice latte-- my first of the season-- to welcome the first day of the Fall semester.

We enjoyed a breeze while swinging at the park (and went home right after this picture when jack darted in front of the swing and Harry flattened him. Jack has bad swing etiquette and some sort of desire to be concussed because this happens all the time).

I made a delicious vegetable beef soup, substituting squash for potatoes to make it more fall-y and using the entire expiring contents of my vegetable drawer (and then Ben texted me like 4 minutes after it was done to tell me he'd be working until the kids went to bed. Grrrr) and some fantastic chocolate chip banana bread.

We went to our nephew Max's birthday party, which is something we do at the beginning of each fall season, and Jack got joyfully naked, or, as he says "nay nay." Jack likes to get nay nay and sing to his "enis." Good times.

We had breakfast with my parents and my brother, which is not especially fall-like but was fun anyway

We played outside, and it was chilly and bugless for the first time in forever. Much joy in Mudville.

We went to our favorite apple orchard to do some picking and even went on a hayride (Jack was not a big fan. Every time the farmer would stop the tractor and tell us cool stuff about the farm, he'd yell "All done! All done that man!"

We bought the kids some silly pumpkin hats (but the cute little gift shop was out of cider AND cider donuts!! The horror!)

Mostly we picked apples

Posed for some pictures

And came home to make this:

I'm glad to have a few more days of balmy weather ahead, but this weekend made me excited for the fall around the corner.

October's bright blue weather, you know.


  1. I can't believe they didn't have the donuts!!! gah! I read about those today on your status update and become immediately obsessed. (you'll notice I posted a "local people! where can I go apple picking???!!" status update right after I saw your apple cider donut post. LOL

    I envy you your fabulous fall weather--I am desperate for it here, but September tends to be our hottest month, which means we'll be apple picking in 90 degree heat next weekend. super.

    love the pictures! Those hats totally cracked me up.

  2. We were just talking about going applepicking tomorrow!
    I seriously hate it when I have dinner almost ready and I get a text that Lucas is going to be home late. It ruins the good happy housewife feelings I get after slaving over the stove ;)
    LOVE your scarf!! So cute!

  3. I love their hats!! So sweet!

    I also love donuts and would also have been bummed.

    Looks like a great time. I hope our cool weather sticks next time.

  4. Awkward, maybe but adorable for sure. I also love the scarf (and matching stunna shades). Very transitioning-to-fall! :)

  5. That you allow those of us out in cyber-land to live vicariously through you makes me beyond happy. Interested in blogging another pregnancy so I can live vicariously through that as well? I'm pretty sure it's your turn for a girl - lol.

  6. I found a recipe for apple cider donuts, which always makes me think of the orchard back home. If I don't find one in Colorado I'm going to be really was always the most fun thing about fall!

    Looks like the weekend was a huge success! :)

  7. Now that I've seen this we HAVE to go apple picking this weekend - when they start with the Honeycrips YUM!