Monday, May 18, 2009

What? You don't let your kids roll around in the dirt in their pajamas?

I always thought that my dissertation was keeping me from enjoying my kids.

You know, because I was always thinking about it, worrying about it, feeling guilty for not spending time with it when I was with them.

If I just had more time to spend with them without the pressures of deadlines and revisions, I always thought, I would be the most awesomest stay-at-home-mom EVER.

I know it's only been one day that I have stayed at home without the shadow my dissertation, but so far, I am not the June Cleaver I thought I'd be. More like Peg Bundy. Or Roseanne.

Tomorrow, though. I have high hopes for tomorrow.

Harry asked if we could bake a pie, and I said sure. The only problem?

I don't know how to make a pie.


gina said...

Sarah, c'mon, even their pj's match??!!! LOL.

Becca said...

I felt exactly the same way about my dissertation interfering with my role as Super Mom. But I am absolutely abysmal as a SAHM. Charlie regularly greets Ryan in the yard wearing socks, a Pullup and a t-shirt. I need to find a job quick before I destroy the whole family.

AJU5's Mom said...

The only reason AJU5 is never outside without "normal" clothes is because I use it as a bribe to get her dressed without her running all over the place!

And as for pie - I would go with a graham cracker crust (easy to make or buy) and a pudding filling (i.e. buy a pack of pudding and follow the instructions). Making your own pastry pie crust is just no fun!

Cathleen said...

Trader Joe's has pie crusts that are supposed to be really good. I too have never made a pie!

Tripod said...

Ya know, we made a couple pies when we lived in the house with the apple trees. It's not too hard....Use the cuisinart and not a hand pastry blender. That's what they are for!
The boys look TOTALLY cute outside in their pjs!