Saturday, May 02, 2009

Relaxing in my post-Little Gym glow while one naps and the other hangs out with dada

I was just sitting on my teeny little deck having an idyllic cup of coffee when a crow the size of a microwave landed on the chair next to me. I screamed so loud I may have woken Jack from his nap, and then I tried to run through the screen door to get back inside.


Harry and Jack were not actually out there with me, as Jack is sleeping and Ben and Harry are on a mission to buy teeny little tiny soccer gear because Harry starts playing his first team sport next month. This is their picnic from a couple days ago-- I love feeding them outside, but if I cleaned it up better, maybe freakishly sized birds would leave me alone, huh? They had strawberries and mixed veggies on their plates, but they ate them first because they are awesome.

So. We had a lovely realtor come over the other night and give us her big marketing presentation. We were totally on board until she got to the part about how much houses in our development are selling for. I looked at her spreadsheet and jabbed at the two most recently sold townhouses and gulped, "Shouldn't there be another zero?" Then I looked at the third most recent sale. "Oh," I said. "This one sold for a ton of money!" Ben told me gently that that was OUR condo when WE bought it. Over 2 years ago. Then I almost cried because I have no poker face. So. Let's never speak of moving again. Really, since our HOA rules say only 4 people per unit, I guess living here makes all future fertility decisions pretty easy. Silver lining.

I have always judged people whose older babies drink from bottles. Serves me right that my Jack-Jack is still attached, huh?

I took Harry graduation dress shopping last weekend. He brought along some Silly Putty. And stepped in it.

Yesterday, I tried to cover my grays with a box of color-- a box of color that I snagged at Target with a cartful of screamers demanding we hit the toy aisle and that I thought was demi-permanent but promises to stick around a lot longer and is red, not brown. Oops. NO pictures of that escapade. Also, I am suddenly really glad that I get to wear a silly hat at graduation.


  1. I died my hair a little too red once - in high school - it was kind of embarrassing. Luckily it was the 6 week variety and I just showered a lot!

    Oh, and I can't wait to see the itty bitty soccer gear! I am not a huge soccer fan, but my husband loves the sport (I love sports though - I just have NO foot to eye coordination!).

  2. Ooh, tiny soccer gear! Charlie starts in the fall. I can't wait to hear about Harry's experience.

    The story about the "crow the size of a microwave" cracked me up. I read it to Ryan and we both cracked up some more.

  3. tripod10:29 PM

    We can't wait to see Harry play soccer! No headers, though!

  4. I once used a Loreal product that promised to lighten my hair without turning it brassy (a la mid-90's JLo). Um, it turned my hair pink. Pink.

    I really want to see pictures of this red hair of yours!

  5. tripod8:38 PM

    I LOVE this Jack pic! He looks like he's 40 with the speculative face and the cardigan. Then there's the bottle in his camp chait where you expect his beer to be!