Monday, May 11, 2009

**Nervous laughter** **Twitching** **Increasingly frantic primping**

Hi there. It's me. Sarah. Freaking out about my dissertation defense. Which happens at 1:30. Today. Gulp.

Poor Ben. I have been a freak show and a half all weekend long. To explain my erratic behavior to Harry, I told him I had a big meeting at work, and it was a little scary. He asked if there would be ghosts, witches, strangers, or bad guys. When I told him that none of those things would be in attendance, he told me I should not worry.

But here I sit. Worried.

It's finally ice cream season here, and Jack is a big fan. Of whatever I am eating-- the cute little kiddie cone we ordered for him? Not so much.

Jack also experimented with a little pudding

He looooooves bagels, too.

Hmm-- that's it for newish phone pictures. Katie just called and distracted me by talking about normal, non-dissertationy things, so that was awesome. I keep posting really pathetic, attention whoring status updates on Facebook and am enjoying all the nice comments I was fishing for. I think I'll clomp down to the bathroom and futz with my hair for awhile.

This is thrilling stuff-- my navel looks great from this angle, by the way.


  1. Just think - in a few hours, the majority of the stress will be completely gone!

  2. GOOD LUCK! You are going to do great!

    Just visualize the giant margaritas we will have to celebrate at BlogHer.

  3. Alice1:37 PM

    Good Luck! And Congrats, soon enough it'll all be over!

  4. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Everything is going to be fine. Best of Luck!