Sunday, December 21, 2008

On the first day of Hanukkah my true love gave to me a plastic baby Jesus underneath the Christmas tree

Harry tore the paper off and said, "Oh! I got a that!" Jack? Ate the paper.

I have no idea where Jack's other sock is.

Harry made the angel fly around the room while making a pterodactyl noise. Then he perched her atop the manger and made her sing "The roof is on fire."

And of course it didn't take long for Santa to arrive at the manger. He was all, "Forget your nose, Rudolph. We've just got to follow that star."


  1. How funny! How did I not know there was a Little People Nativity Set? Maybe they'll be on sale after Christmas. I like the way you are combining the two traditions!

  2. Anonymous8:47 PM

    "I got a that!" I love it!

  3. It is fun to figure out where they have hidden their socks! I love the "forget your nose and follow the star" - that is just priceless!

  4. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Harry does know how to explain things in a way that makes everything clear, and makes me laugh out loud...Bomma

  5. hysterical!!! Ethan said, "this is for me!" or "this is mine!" as he opened every single present.