Thursday, December 11, 2008


Thank goodness we have a tour of a swanky preschool today**, or else we would stay in our jammies for another entire day.

**Yesterday is what that should say because I started this yesterday. But then yesterday got very busy.

Stuff from yesterday:

Went on preschool tour-- which was AWESOME and definitely a place that's in the running for next fall. Yep we've become THOSE PEOPLE already planning little Harrison's preschool for next year and also prep school for next decade.

Discovered massive sweater sale at the Gap which occasioned a little Christmas shopping binge where I also bought stuff for myself. Happy Hanukkah, Self. You're welcome, Self. By the way, Selfie, if those jeans are too tight in the ass, you are going to have to lay off the chocolate covered pretzels because we are not buying a bigger size. Fatty.

Made a bajillion copies without breaking the machine-- first time all semester. Also realized it's finals week next week-- something that slipped up on me because I haven't been in a classroom since April. Also also realized that my office windows open, which is totally dangerous and could cause things to plummet out of them from the 6th floor.

Finished watching Fred claus only moments before the 24 hour On-Demand rental expried from our TV screen-- phew.

Stayed up all night with Jack, who was inexplicably wide awake from 9:40 until 2:11. Ben and I spent that time bickering about the temperature and deciding that our inability to coexist in the same climate surely spelled divorce and financial ruin.. I had the window open and was sweating, while he sat with blue lips under 3 blankets. It was so romantic.


  1. The secret to the thermostat wars is to change it when they've already gone to bed. Or if they are working late which is my little nod to passive aggression.

    Sorry about the not sleeping. It sucks. I know. Believe me.

  2. Don't fight with her over temperature, no one wins.

  3. Anonymous8:58 PM

    I love these pictures! The guys look BUSY!

  4. I would live in pj's all day if I could...
    And we fight over the thermostat some - but we aren't always on the same side each time!

  5. Anonymous7:20 PM

    the boys always look like they are having a good time, and thinking about their next project....Bomma