Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Line Up for Democracy

Today, I took the advice of my high school government teacher, whose name I cannot remember but whose silver-streaked, food-smeared mustache I will never forget, and did not simply check the straight ticket option even though I ended up voting for every single Democrat on the ballot. Usually, I write Ben in for sheriff, but it wasn't time to elect that position, so all Dems for me. (Ben has a really great campaign slogan for when he does decide to run for sheriff: "There's a New Sheriff in Town: Ben Lastname").

Harry, who peeled this banana all by himself, kept saying "I want to get out of here," and when that didn't work, he started yelling, "Ow! These straps hurt my arms! You're hurting me, Dada." He also told people, "Barack Obama's gonna win." I hope so, little buddy.

Not the most flattering picture of the J-Man, but you get the idea-- he was strapped to my person and fairly okay with it

Here's Harry and Jack at the park yesterday. It was 73 and sunny, and we took advantage of every second we could because the sun goes down at like 4:00 these days (grumble, grumble), and soon we'll have to hibernate. I want to apologize to Jack for the silly game day overalls, which I wouldn't have bought him under normal circumstances. He had a poop blowout at my office one day a couple months ago, and this was the only thing Ben-- called away from his office to run the the bookstore; he loves working right down the street from me-- could find for him to wear. I put it on him yesterday simply for my own amusement.

Also, I sound a little bleaty, so you may want to turn the sound off. And I am very "voice of doom" and tell them it might be our last nice day. I mean before winter, but it sounds really creepy.

A beautiful fall day from sarah on Vimeo.


  1. I wish our park had swings!

  2. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Wasn't Mr Gibbons our gov't teacher? I remember he always talked about Champaign County

  3. Yay for voting! Our line was out the door and by the park...Mr.K had a good time stomping leaves until the line moved and he thought we were leaving him there. It looks like you guys are doing well, it's so nice that they are playing "together" now!

  4. Cute pictures!! I'm jealous of all the time you and Ben get to spend together. Ryan and I did that when we were both in school but now that he works for The Man I am all on my own until 6:00 when a whistle blows and everyone gets to go home. I took both boys to vote too.

  5. You never fail to make me laugh out loud. Enough so that I am typing it out instead of mailing it in and just typing lol.

    Oh and tell Harry that he's got nothing to worry about. Barack's got this one wrapped up!

  6. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Cute pictures! Man, Becca is brave taking 2 of them by herself! You go, Girl!
    I hope Harry's right!