Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jack Bites

Not only does Jack just not sleep at night anymore, he is also a total nipple biter.

Okay, so he goes to bed like he has for the past few months: a frightening bath with Harry, into his jammies, a little nursing and some HGTV (for ME, not for HIM; I generally follow the AAP, for goodness sake), and into the pack n play. He sleeps long enough for us to read to and tuck in Harry, pour some wine, and think that we are going to have a coupe hours to ourselves before we collapse from exhaustion. Then, out of freaking nowhere, WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.

And then he pretty much latches on until, oh, 6:30 the next morning.

The biting, though. Ouch. I've had to dig up a tube of Lansinoh cream I bought before Harry was born and have only used as lip balm (I figured it was safe for baby lips) because the kid is a little vampire. Which could explain the night waking.

Hmmmm... you think it might be time to remove the basinet portion of the pack n play before somebody tumbles over the edge? Yeah, me too.

In a few years, when cell phones have been proven to be the new cigarettes, pictures like this will be very irresponsible.

Doing a little off-roading

Moments after I took these pictures, he fell on his face and cried.

I love putting him in clothes he's outgrown-- he looks so big.


AJU5's Mom said...

Removing the bassinet is probably a good idea for his safety - but your back probably won't love it! And ouch on the biting! We are over the biting I think but the top teeth are causing some problems now...

Anonymous said...

Awww He is so cute! He always looks a little affronted, though. Maybe he hates the camera????

Anonymous said...

teething can really be difficult with teeth...Boo was 2 and a half months, when I had to start her on a bottle and at 10 months she had ten teeth...Bomma

sarah said...

god, the biting!!! that was the beginning of the end of nursing for us. Ethan just wouldn't stop biting. ugh.

I love the pre-fall on the face picture. He's so cute!!

Becca said...

I was so lucky that Charlie didn't get any teeth until 15 months. Keeping my fingers crossed for this one. Jack is such a cutie! I love that you have a bedtime routine by six months. It gives me hope.