Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crabby McGumpsalot

Oh my goodness, we are all so crabby today. Well, not Ben because he's been in Vegas on business (and I was so going to put business in quotation marks, excpet he really was there for work-- he keynoted an e-learning conference for Study Blue), and he's gotten a lot of sleep. Lame, huh? But he said hanging out in Vegas by himself was no fun. He actually sat in his hotel room and drank some wine and watched Biggest Loser on Tuesday night. And since our DVR box picked Tuesday night to die and since I did not watch the show because I thought we could watch it together when he got home (ahem), I was actually glad that he was the biggest loser ever and watched it in his hotel room. But, not only could he not give me any updates on the Vicky dramz, he fell asleep before it was over (LLLLLOOOOOSSSSSEEEEERRRRR) and couldn't even tell me who got kicked off.

Luckily, my mom came into town on Tuesday-- she hung out with us all day, spent the night on the couch, and wrangled Harry while I took Jack to Little Gym on Wednesday. She was a lifesaver! Thank you so much, Mom! Harry had way too much fun bossing her around. He wore a watch and said he was Daddy (and sometimes Mommy), and she had to be Harry. he told her where to go, where to sit, what to do-- he even made her go in time out. Poor little guy-- his whole life is being bossed around. He even called her Harrison and drove her to the doctor because she wouldn't stop touching his tools, even though he told her they were "reawwy sharp."

But then she left yesterday, and I had to solo parent all night long! A WHOLE NIGHT! Oh my gosh! As if! Poor little me! (I know; I know. They're my damn kids, right?) I had my mom there until 1 and then our fabulous babysitter Jamie came at 4, so I could attend a lecture, but those 3 hours (all spent waiting for a cable guy who didn't show until almost 7 because he was driving all over the county tracking down the last available DVR box-- thank goodness he found one because if I don't start replenishing Harry's Diego and Dora stash, there's gonna be a revolution) were tough. So, I decided I could not face the headaches of our usual nighttime routine, so we just didn't have one.

I bathed them both and put Jack down for the night; then Harry and I binged on Noggin and ice cream sundaes. It was like the second-best night of his life (the first best was the night of the vice presidential debate when he wouldn't go the eff to sleep, so he, Ben, and I ate a Pepperidge Farm cake in our bed while watching Biden and Palin. I know he liked that night better because last night he kept asking for daddy and cake. Then today, he told me our slumber party would have been more fun with popcorn. And maybe some slumber)

I let Harry sleep with me and Jack which was as awesome and cuddly as it sounds for like 20 minutes. Then it was hot and kicky , and none of us slept very well. Which is why we're all crabby.

But Ben just texted me that he landed!! Yes!!!

Harry enjoying his sundae. But he doesn't look like he's enjoying it. He looks all sad and Little-Match-Girl-y.

Don't let Jack fool you. He's a crabby piece of crab today. In fact, he was so fussy this morning that I said to him, "Dude, I can't deal with you right this second," and I put him in his pack n play and turned on the bathroom exhaust fan and went to throw in some laundry. When I came back, he was sound asleep. Which is what I'd like to be right now.


  1. I love how Harry decided to be the mom and dad! I bet he did a good job at it too!

  2. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Harry is the funniest kid ever! They are so much fun to see. But that's easy for me to say, I don't live there.
    I do remember when the kids were little thinking grimly, "You gotta sleep sometime, you little brat!"
    And they did.
    Luckily, littl kids need more sleep than adults do.

  3. Oh my gosh if Ryan went out of town right now I'd lose my effing mind! I love love love your slumber party though! Charlie and I have little special traditions here and there too and it is so much fun. The VP debate sounds like a great time.

  4. Harry is amazing! His imagination (and bossiness) seem to know no bounds! I love that!