Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Want to see some Little Gym pics? Well, yeah. I know, they're old hat, but we don't go anywhere or do anything, so that's what I got.

Okay, so he is making a funny face, but seriously, Ben got the better deal-- or at least the more relaxing one. Jack slept the whole freaking time.

And then he woke up when we got to the coffee shop across the street. Seriously bright eyed, huh?

Look! Here's Harry totally unsupervised on the balance beam! I wonder how he fell off a couple weeks ago? Because he was completely unattended? Couldn't be.

He was throwing himself off this mat, cackling, and then doing it again.

Awwwww, he has my chins.

And Ben's way with the ladies.

And mad bubble hunting skillz

Okay, seriously, imagine how loud this noise is.

Jack seems a bit disturbed. His ear drums are probably bleeding.


  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    thank you, again and again...I check every day to see if there are new pictures and comments...Bomma

  2. I love it when you dress them alike! So cute! Also, I'm jealous of how much time you guys spend together as a family. I miss Ryan's flexible grad school schedule so much. The picture of Jack in the coffee shop is so sweet!

  3. Looks like Ben got a nap in too!

    And I like the bubble hunting - very cute!

  4. Look at how grown-up Jack is!! that's crazy!