Friday, November 07, 2008


Ben and I traded places for the morning. I got dressed in grown up clothes and went to work for a few hours*, and he did kid stuff and a million boring errands. He asked hopefully on my way out of the car (because he also drove me to work and dropped me off right outside my door because he is a way better stay at home parent than I am), "Can't I just leave them in the car when I pick your stuff up from the tailor?" and I laughed and laughed all the way to buy myself a hot cup of coffee that I could drink as I walked without worrying about scalding Harry or Jack if I spilled it. And I did spill. Right on my stomach, but then I closed my blazer, and all was good.

* I am working right now-- I am doing classroom observations, and I have a few minutes between classes and no pressing obligations BESIDES MY DISSERTATION WHICH IS SUFFOCATING ME BUT ON WHICH I CANNOT WORK IN THE 15 MINUTES I HAVE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IT REQUIRES ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD! AUGHHHH! So really, this is not the waste of time it might seem to be. But obviously, I have some issues with myself right now. In case you were wondering, I am in "that" stage of my writing process: the one where I act like a huge asshole and freak out internally about my project. Then in a few days or so, I'll have a burst of productive brilliance (please god let this happen). Until then, I am all angsty and stressed. Get excited, Family, I'm coming to visit you, and I am a freaking peach :)

Here's Harry taking the old 'stang out for an election-day spin. He's a scary driver now that he can reach the pedals. I don't know if you can see Jack, but he was in the back ground eating leaves and grass.

Speaking of Jack:

He is so joyful right now. He loves to sit up and eat toys, and nothing destroys his good mood, even a few face plants on the carpet/linoleum/wood. He babbles and screeches and laughs big, rolling belly laughs. His mouth smells sweet, and he pats my face with his fat little hands when he nurses. In short: he is marvelous. He slept cuddled so close to me last night that I drooled in his hair all night long, and he woke up with a stiff little mohawk.

I love him.

Oh! And my mom is 56 today, so if you see her, wish her a happy birthday!


  1. I hate it when you feel like you should be working on something but then you realize there isn't enough time to give the job justice in the time you have. You feel like you are wasting time, but then you know you have no other real choice...

    Praying this stage of the dissertation ends soon and that moment of brilliance comes quickly!

  2. If you see a moment of brilliance will you send some my way? Drinking coffee by yourself sounds delightful. I've been promised a similar time tomorrow after Ryan takes me out for breakfast. Apparently my little blog freakout scared Ryan a little.