Friday, May 30, 2008

Be Wary: Wearing the Baby Could Leave You Worn Out

Here's Jack in a rare moment-- he's not attached to me, nor is he screaming. Usually, he is one of those things. Wearing him can mean that no noise emanates from his cryhole, or it can mean that his screams are THAT MUCH CLOSER to my ear. Either way, kind of a pain in the shoulders. Also? It's kind of hard to keep the floor as clean as I'd like it to be-- I am having a hard time seeing around him, and as a result, I sometimes miss a spot and see it only when the sun is shining and I have (finally) removed the sleeping baby from his pouch and curled up on the couch. Yeah. I am kind of a psycho about cleaning these days, but it makes me feel a little calmer in the midst of all the screams to have a shiny clean house.

Also the whining. I know it's typical toddler behavior, but I think it might be enhanced by Caillou, Harry's favorite cartoon of the moment, who is a total whiny little jerk. Also, he is a bald 4 year-old, something that has always baffled me. But I just now Googled him to find his link, and I found a Caillou merchandise website-- which? Perfect for Harry's b-day-- what a find-- that explains that "Caillou" means pebble or stone, which may give insight as to why the little brat is bald. Finally! A mystery solved! Parents of toddlers rejoice!

Speaking of-- here's Harry rejoicing in the shower.


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    A happy way to start my cleaning day..seing pictures of the two guys..Jack doesn't look as zitty and his eyes and mouth are closed, and Harry looks as though he's
    being an artist yet again...thanks to your wonderful parenting....Bomma

  2. It's all I can do to not use my daycare hours today to straighten up and detox my house instead of work. It's killing me! There are oven mitts in the LIVING ROOM. Maybe as an afternoon break. Charlie reached the huge tantrum stage yesterday when we were at the house of some people down the street that I would like to be friends with. Whining here we come.

  3. So sweet and cute! Especially when they're asleep.

    You sound awfully sane too. :)

  4. Anonymous6:59 PM

    They both look so CUTE! I loved Jack's pictures in the Boob Man shirt and the velour sweat suit! He looks like the characters in Grand Theft Auto IV, for sure!
    When you see his picture asleep doesn't he look like a little doll?
    I can't wait to see him next month.

  5. Ethan has yet to discover the annoying whiny pebble. Thanks to your warnings, I will do my best to avoid any Caillou-based entertainment from now until he is too old to care about it.

    Rejoicing Harry makes me smile.

    And hey, are you going to be renaming the blog now that the days of Harry AND Jack are upon us?