Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shop Till You Drop

It's officially one week before Christmas, and all of my holiday shopping is done. AND WRAPPED! We even bought geeky jammies (and I may or may not have bought a pair of bunny slippers for myself) to wear on Christmas Eve. I even have an extra gift or two tucked away in case I forgot someone. I know. It's totally the most organized I have ever been.

We've even stuffed Harry's stockings (yeah-- I said stokcingS-- he's going to be so damn excited to find prembumps in his boops that we. could. not. stop. buying. Plus, anyone who knows me knows that I am really bad at spatial relationships-- I have no idea how much crap will actually fill a stocking. There's no way for me to eyeball it. Ask Ben-- some years, his is too heavy to hang up, and other years, the toe is barely filled. Geometry was never ever my thing. I suck at pool and flower arranging. Also at packing the car, which is a benefit, really.)

This weekend, Ben and I shopped for each other, and I got to go Harry-free. It was fun and more relaxing than shopping usually is. I was gone for 5 hours. And I turned off my phone. I got to do things I never have tme for like find the correct size instead of just grabbing something off the pile before a certain someone pops a vein in his forehead screaming for his BUP. Ben, however, had a full head of white hair by the time he was done -- well, that's an exaggeration, but you get the idea. Both of us got our presents wrapped before we came home because we know that the other is a huge snoop, and I keep obsessively hiding Ben's stocking-- which is probably going to backfire-- I am either going to forget where it is, or he's going to find it, since my hiding places get dumber and dumber. Is that a stocking in the vegetable drawer? No. It's a really big cucumber, duh.

I think Harry has had it with the shopping-- this is us at Target yesterday, where, I am proud to report, we did not buy anything stupid or any baby items, even though they were so cute.* We did buy Harry the items he'd been requesting all day-- mimmems (mittens) and ham. When your toddler goes outside and says "Brrrrrr, mimmems," while wringing his fat little hands, you need to buy some new mittens. Our keep disappearing. Also, chocolatey snacks are a shopping must.

*We rewarded ourselves for avoiding the siren song of the baby aisles by coming home and internet buying McLovin a new swing. Anybody want to buy Harry's old swing?


  1. Hahaha. I just did almost all of our Christmas shopping in one trip to Target. Charlie was getting bored and hungry and loud so I ripped open a package of animal crackers for him. The funny thing was there was another mother doing the exact same thing by the animal cracker display.

  2. Anonymous10:29 PM

    mailed Harry's Aran
    sweater tonight Priority Mail...hoefully will be there by Friday...some very attractive young lady saw me putting it into the envelope at the store and asked if I would knit for
    others..said sorry ,no, only family..Bomma

  3. Nevermind the baby aisle--the ENTIRE store is a siren song. I can barely drive by the place. My bank account is dashed against the rocks every. single. visit.