Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Quarantined Christmas, Part II

It totally looks like Toys R Us vomited in our living room. Y'all will probably have an elevated lead level just from looking at these pictures. But, here's the rest of our quiet Christmas Day.
Look at all our trash! We would normally recycle all the paper and cardboard (which is paper, duh), but our recycle bin is crammed full, and the city won't collect anything not in the bin-- bottom line-- we need a bigger bin-- I am going to call about it today. I got new planner to put these important kinds of calls in. It's pink, which is scary and exciting for me, since I have carried the exact same red planner since 2004 (well, I get a new one every year, but you get the idea). So 2008 is pink-- lots of changes this year. And yeah-- it took a new planner for me to predict that, not the impending birth of our second son.

Just like Hop on Pop says: "DAY PLAY. We play all day." Unlike the corresponding page, we did not fight all night. Instead, we watched one of the movies from Ben's stocking and passed out in a pile of chocolate santas.

We definitely wore our jammies all day. A couple of times, Harry lifted his shirt and asked "Dessed?" But we assured him he didn't have to get dressed- which seemed to bother him. Maybe he is just naturally cleaner than we are.

Here's me and my big belly. Also our gifts piled on the kitchen table-- not because we didn't like them but because a certain someone with chocolate fingers kept touching them. He totally stole Ocean's 13 and my new Britney CD (Shut up. I love her) and squirreled them away in his tent, And since piling things on the table is our main method of impromptu Harry-proofing, what are we going to do when he can REACH the table?

So, Harry's tent. We got it partially because we thought he'd like it and partially because we thought it would look cute on Christmas morning holding all his hard-to-wraps. Harry lurves the tent, but all he wants to do is cram stuff in it, throw himself inside, nd scream for us to close the flaps ("COSE"). Then he sits inside for an awkwardly long time. He gets out by standing up and walking until the velcro pops open. Then he waits a few minutes and repeats the whole thing. Seriously, his constant requests for "Bup?" are being replaced by demands of "COSE."

Finally, around 7, we let Harry get "dessed" in pajamas. Here he is after bath, snicker snicker.

We're still sick, and I am calling the doctor today for me and Harry. Also, I now have a throbbing pain in my jaw, which I hope is somehow related to my cold and not a tooth issue because seriously? A toothache, too? Not cool.


  1. Wow, that looks like a blast!! That last picture cracked me up! We hide things on the kitchen table too... that is until Ryan was working at the computer once and looked up to see Charlie looking him in the eye from the other side of the screen. Yup, he can climb onto the table now.

  2. Anonymous9:31 PM

    he's now built like a boy, not a baby..with broad shoulders and little hips..he has to grow up to get out of McLovin's way....Bomma

  3. Merry Christmas Sarah (and Ben, Harry, and McLovin--so cute). Looks like you had a nice comfy holiday! So sorry you're sick, we're still fighting our cold off, too. We picked up our germs at the YMCA; what's with kiddie spots? I think maybe we should plan a trip to the big happy place you told me about soon. After New Year's? Then, we should plan to get together with Jaime and Eric down here, too? What does January look like for you on a whole? Miss you!

  4. That last picture is priceless!!!

    And where are you??!! I've been stalking your blog for a new entry. I need a Harry fix! LOL