Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pastry Coma

Okay, not really pastries, but a bigass (technical term) bagel and a huge plate of fruit coma, anyway. I am at Panera, which is always a very productive "office" for me. On a sidenote (this whole post is a sidenote), there are several business looking people who clearly DO have their offices at Panera. WTF?

Anywho, I had an actual cup of coffee (before switching to decaf), and it's making McLovin kick like crazy. I am feeling all awake and happy and actually optimistic about my project and so excited to meet this squirmy little boy (in like 19 weeks b/c an extra week of gestation would be really convenient for me, so if he could just hang tight past 40 weeks, that'd be awesome).

At the table next to me, there's a whole group of older women having a holiday gift exchange, and they are so cute. Very pretty and well groomed and trendy in a Talbots-y kind of way-- a few of them have their jeans tucked into riding-type boots. But not skinny jeans, so a little awkward. They are talking abut their children's engagements and bitching about daughters-in-law and all the presents they had to buy for grand nephews. Very adorable.

I am just overcome wit love for Harry this morning (funny how these emotions sweep over me when I am comfortably full of carbs and coffee and he is NOT WITH ME). He is soooo excited about Christmas-- he ho ho ho's his little head off. He NOTICES which cards are new on our mantle and insists on "reading" them every morning. Today, I foolishly opened the toy closet in his room, which is the present closet, and he went batshit crazy, yelling ho ho ho and shooting in there. He unwrapped a box of Caterpillar trucks (got to stay close to my roots, ya know) before I could stop him! He's ben wearing his Santa hat all morning., and he's just so delightful. He has a cute little Santa bowl, cup, and plate set. and this morning, I gave him a bowl of Rice Krispies with bananas and told him that Santa was on the bottom of his bowl, encouraging him to eat a little so he could see Santa. He, of course, got full long before the bottom of the bowl and dumped the remaining mixture on his head-- but when he took off his "hat," he was so happy to see the big man. By far the most preshus thing he does lately is to bring me a book, climb into my lap, and say thank you before I even start reading. Love that.

And now, something I should have learned quite a few months ago DO NOT TICKLE YOUR BABY WHEN HE IS DRINKING


  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    a lot like his Grandma Lynne...she always gave everyone a bath when she laughed, and I think, still does..the other kids used to try to make her "spit"...Bomma

  2. Haha, milk everywhere! Panera sounds so wonderful. I work well in places like that too!

  3. Thanks for your nice comment! It's ok if you do stalk my blog. ;)