Friday, April 20, 2007

Step Away From the Girl Scout Cookies

I will not eat the rest of the thin mints today. Er, I will not eat the rest of the thin mints before noon. I mean, I will not eat the rest of the thin mints for breakfast. And by "the rest," I mean the seven or so that remain after I opened the box yesterday. Yesterday night. The second box. Because we cannot talk about the first one.

Moments after we took this picture, Harry climbed head first into the bathtub. Ooops. He also likes to pull himself up on the toilet, which makes him the perfect height to LICK THE TOILET SEAT. MY GOD.

Harry and I were hanging out in the bedroom like we always do midmorning while I try to do my mom hair and slap on some makeup to hide the ginormous circles under my eyes, and all of the sudden, he was up, up, up on the bookshelf and I was thanking god (and mostly Ben) that we (Ben) bracketed the darn thing to the (yellowyellowyellowyellow) wall.

I soon realized, however, that he had a very specific goal in his teeny little mind. This was no random showing off of his new standing up skills-- although? I don't call him Standy Bear for nothing.

"I am a very important person. I am looking for a very important note I wrote. It's sure to contain a very important message to my future very important self."

"Oh yes. Now I remember the dreadfully important message on my note."

"Eat this note!"

Sleeping through an exhausting breakfast. Fruit pancakes, again? He actually has hunks of pancakes in his fists.

Harry and Daddy

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  1. I'm laughing so hard I'm tearing up! Theo's shushing me b/c his UFC fights are on. But, this is just too funny! I love "eat this note." Cracking up. And your analysis of the thin mint experience is so poetic. Brilliant. I can't wait to come up and play again. It was so good to spend time with you, and meet little Harry, too.