Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Finally- a New Carseat. I Have Room To Stretch my Legs. An Update From Harry

My parents bought me a big boy carseat today. They actually read Consumer Reports and bought the best one instead of the cutest one or the one that matched my Mom's purse the best. I'm pretty sure that's how they selected my infant carrier. Practical, aren't they?

Here I am waking up from my afternoon nap. My room was a big mess, and as soon as I opened my eyes, I couldn't wait to get down and play!

I love standing up like this-- but my Mom had to help me.

I know what you're thinking-- Is the Harry Jayster wearing a new outfit? Does he change clothes after nap? First of all, only my dad can call me the Harry Jayster. Second of all, yes, it's a new outfit. No, we don't change after nap. We change after Mom takes us shopping for 2 hours and notices that we are getting crabby, but doesn't think that maybe we PEED THROUGH OUR DIAPER AND OUR OVERALLS because she's too busy buying, buying, buying.

Oh yeah, and all this teething makes me think that pacifiers aren't so bad. The trick is to use a lot of them.

My new chair. Pretty sweet, huh?

I think there's something wrong with this cup.

Seriously, all the milk just goes on the tray

I am not afraid to use this bat, people. I pound on things all day.

Night night, my adoring Internet.

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