Friday, April 20, 2007

Harrys and Hunters and Bens, Oh My

Today Harry and I went to the zoo with Jamie and her little boys Ben and Hunter. Jamie went to college with Ben and me-- we were all on the speech team together. And now she and I are Sconnie mommies. Funny, huh?

We had a fabulous time at the zoo and the park and Barriques . All three boys were perfect angels even though they were sleepy toward the end and the restaurant was NOT kid friendly. There were, however, two little babies in there, each with his holier-than-thou mother, both of whom glared at us and seemed to be judging the crap ton of cookies our boys were eating. But they also seemd to be judging the screaming our boys were doing. Think how much MORE screaming there would have been without cookies!! And just wait until those babies can't be Bjorned into submission, ladies. Or nursed in public without biting the hell out of you and getting so distracted by I don't know the freaking AIR that they pop off to get a better look/feel/smell and leave your nipple exposed for the world to see. Ha! Just wait until then and see who you judge. I, for example, judged a woman who let her 2-year old lick the bugs off her car's front bumper. This was last spring when I was pregnant and thinking what an awesomely perfect parent I would effortlessly be. Today Harry licked the guard rails outside the polar bears' cage, and he digested at least 3 twigs and a strip of tree bark. And possibly a cigarette butt.

I didn't get a single pciture of Jamie, who looks beautiful and YOUNG, but I got a couple shots of the boys-- love the ones of Hunter relaxing on the grass! I am sure jamie got way better pics than I did. I was way too distracted by the wheels coming off my Eddie Bauer stroller and by the overwhelming cuteness of all the little boys together to properly document the afternoon.


  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Oh my goodness you made me smile again. I loved the description of nursing in public. Charlie has started popping on and off and it has made for some nice public displays of nudity at let's see, the mall, church, the coffee shop. Maybe I should just list the places where people have NOT seen my nipples!

  2. LOL! I have been exposed by Hunter a few hundred times, too. Bugs off a car? Ick. I have succumb to the little-boy-ness that is apparently innate for my children. Ben has come home from the neighbors' caked in dog doo. He has had emerald green poop before? And Hunter is mess as soon as breakfast is over. I usually have kid-snack in my hair, and all over my shirt. If I make it to dinner without smelling too bad, it's a good day. Anyhoot, I had so much fun with you two. I have missed you all these years. You look fabulous--so jealous that nursing made you look so good. It just makes me eat the whole house- daily. Any "youth" I look to have I can thank you for: you taught me all about proper face care/night cream when I was a freshman! You kick butt. Where should we play next?