Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Blogsaster! A Blogcastrophe! Actually, a Blogessing in Disguise.

Yes, the word "blog" can be used a lot like the word "smurf." What's it to you?

So, the other day, I decided to take a picture of Harry on our walk because he looked so cute playing with this awesome Fisher Price dashboard thing that has a puffy steering wheel and a horn and a garage door opener and some keys-- he helps me drive with it, get it?-- but it also fits great on his stroller. Oh! And I also wanted to show you the pretty bike path and pond Harry and I discovered in our new neighborhood. Well, in my excitement, I dropped my camera and now when you turn it on, it says "Lens Error." Never fear, I took it to a camera repair shop-- right next to a feminist bookstore where I was able to get fair trade coffee without having to ask for it because it's all fair trade. How cool. And their large is only 15 cents more than a Starbucks grande. Now if only there was a feminist bookstore cum coffee house within 50 feet of everywhere. With a drive thru.

No camera, you exclaim! Screw this blog. All I want is pics of Harry. Well, you're in luck because I found our back up camera which had an old memory card on it with cool pictures. So here ya go:
Me and ben in Boston in November of 05. I was 7 weeks pregnant and had just had my first ultrasound.

February 06-- right before we found out Harry was a boy. Also before I got my split ends trimmed and discovered freaking make up.

At Brad and Cathleen's engagement party

Showing off the belly, which I thought was ginormous. Little did I know how big I'd get!! Especially in the upper arms.

Our new nursery-- we were stoked. And yes, I still wear those sweats. Judge not lest ye be kicked in the junk.

Harry last September. Once a co-sleeper...

The wildman yesterday. He can crawl on his knees like a normal baby (instead of the tummy scoot he was doing); he can sit up from a lying down position, and he can STAND UP in his crib and PULL UP on just about anything. He is sooooo dangerous!

Harry is the dev-il. No, but he did have wicked hat-head when we got home from office hours today. No product this time.

Loving the new Tupperware cupboard

Harry's first grilled cheese sandwhich

Which he loved, contrary to his expression in this picture. He couldn't believe his luck-- a whole dinner he could feed himself! Which allowed me to grade a little while he ate! Which means now I can blog!! And next, I will file archival documents. My life is mega glam.

Stay tuned because if you're lucky, tomorrow, I will figure out how to upload video. Then you'll see the Bear in motion!

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  1. Harry is adorable! He's the perfect little como of you two. My kids look like Theo. All Theo! Harry's just a month younger than our Hunter! They'll have to play! I have only read your most recent post, but I am also so excited to hear from you! You were gorgeous preggers! I was hideous. And Theo was in Iraq, so I have hardly any pictures of myself (thank goodness). Can't wait to read more.