Monday, September 18, 2023

Mom Brags and School Germs

 HARRISON! APPLIED! TO! COLLEGE! DONE-ZO!!!!! All he has to do between now and spring is wait for decisions to roll in.

(I mean, he has to figure out how to send his transcripts to one school because he didn't use the Common App for it, and his counselor has to send transcripts to Common App schools, and he needs to make sure the teacher he asked to write his rec letter does just that, but otherwise-- ALL DONE.  MONTHS AHEAD OF THE DEADLINE. Likely because he could not deal with my nagging anymore.

We actually had no internet at home this weekend, so he had to go to the library to do it. But then it took so long that the LIBRARY CLOSED, so he had to finish the task at Panera. 

Then he celebrated by spending his entire last paycheck on AirPods and a new windshield for the Prius. It turns out that when Ben and I tell the kids not to play basketball when there is a car in the driveway, we aren't just being fun wreckers. **Eye roll** Coop used his birthday money for AirPods, too, but the ones he wanted were slightly more than he had the funds to buy, so Harry paid the difference-- he's the best! (Also, he got a new job, so he was feeling flush).

Speaking of bragging! You guys! MINNIE MARIGOLD can SWIM for real! 

Also, she has spent 5 mornings at preschool-- and she already has strep throat **whomp whomp**

She had a stomach ache and a low grade fever Sunday, and we kept waiting for her to puke, but she never did. Then after lunch, she fell asleep on the couch and woke up with a fever of 102.5, and it hit me like a lightening bolt-- STREP STEP STREP! Ben took her to urgent care, and sure enough--- strep. She says her tummy feels better but her mouth (throat?) hurts, and she's 2 doses of amoxicillin in. POOR BABY. She hates her meds, BTW, and will only take them if we let her crack and egg in the street after. KIDS ARE SO WEIRD.


  1. Awwww strep! Noooo! Poor thing. Welp, it's September, back to the petrie dish I guess.
    Yay for Harrison and yay for Minnie swimming!

  2. Elisabeth5:11 PM

    That egg thing?!! Too hilarious.

    Sorry about the strep and the windshield but what an amazing accomplishment to be done so early! Yay to both of you - I'm sure it's a huge relief all around <3

  3. What an important milestone! College! Next year!

  4. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Lisa again. Wow! Way to go on the college aps being submitted. And Minnie is killing it with her swimming! I am so impressed. Meanwhile my 5.5yo is barely doing anything at his $400/session swimming lessons. Swimming like Minnie feels VERY far off! Sorry to hear about strep though. Ugh. The egg throwing thing is funny! How did you come up with that compromise? Paul has had strep twice and got the very painful penicillin shot both times because he won’t take oral meds.

  5. OMG, the egg thing is killing me! What an odd compromise to take meds, but whatever works!

    YAY HARRISON! Amazing that he's already completed his app!