Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Apples and painting and sore throats oh my!

 APPLES! WE PICKED APPLES! Minnie loved it— I don’t think she’s ever gone before.

And! Maybe Minnie NOT TOUCHING her donut should have been a clue that she was getting sick? Poor baby.

Ben and I made apple cider margaritas with 4 ounces tequila, 2 ounces triple sec, 2 ounces lime juice, and 6 once’s cider (for 2). We used cinnamon sticks garnish and cinnamon sugar and salt on the rims of our glasses— delish!

Now we have a truly daunting supply of apples and plans to make caramel apples and… not sure what else. I have already done a batch of apple zucchini muffins and made an apple crisp. Pie maybe? These cookies?

Before she got sick and just turned into a sad grumpy little lump, Minnie was really into painting. So into it, in fact, that her easel became a permanent kitchen fixture

Ugh, I feel so bad for Minnie. If she doesn’t feel better by lunchtime I am going to call the pediatrician to see about bringing her back in— she’s miserable. Ugh.


  1. Elisabeth6:19 AM

    Poor Minnie...UGH. It seems like a very rough start to the school year for a lot of kids this time around? Where I live the kids seem to be dropping like flies from cold/flu bugs.

    I LOVE that drop mat. The Mona Lisa - that's just plain awesome.

    I need to buy some fresh apples. We live very close (like 3 minutes) from three big farmer's markets with orchards...and I haven't had a truly delicious apple in months. Honeycrisp aren't quite out yet, but I think the Gala's are; this needs to go on my to-do list.

  2. Poor Minnie!
    When I read your recipe for margaritas, I didn't at first realize it was for two, and I thought, four ounces, that is a stiff drink. But aha!

  3. Our friends have an apple tree that produces overabundantly every year and she makes A LOT of apple sauce. So maybe that's an option?

  4. Apple butter might be an option? I hope Minnie feels better soon!

  5. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Lisa again. Yum! Fresh apples! I love all the baked goods but apple crisp is my fave! Poor Minnie. I hope she feels better soon!

  6. Poor muffin baby, and also why tf have I never made an apple cider margarita